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First Step

You will first need to accept your admission offer and pay the tuition deposit before you can register in courses.

How to Register in Courses

Course registration is done through Bear Tracks, where you can explore our 6,500+ course options, create a timetable, register in courses, build a draft schedule, and more!

When to Register

You can begin registering in courses on or after your enrolment appointment date, which can be found in Bear Tracks under Manage Classes > My Enrollment Date. In the meantime, once the course listing has been released, you can build a draft schedule.

Building a draft schedule before course registration allows you to search for classes and build a schedule that works in advance. It will also allow you to quickly register in the courses you want on or after your enrollment date.

Registration Tips & Tricks

Registration 101 Workshops

Need support registering for your courses? Attend a Registration 101 Workshop!

  • Learn how to navigate the Bear Tracks system for course selection and registration.
  • Chat with an advisor and get advice on which courses to take.
  • Explore the next steps on your journey at the U of A.

All admitted students are welcome to attend a Registration 101 workshop; however, to build a draft schedule, students must have accepted their admission offer. Learn more about how to Accept Your Offer.

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