Chad veteran
Chad is an executive MBA student and a former Canadian Armed Forces combat engineer. He knows his experiences while serving in the military gave him a different worldview than his professors and fellow students. The Veteran-Friendly Campus program is designed to help Chad and other veterans make the cultural adjustment to post-secondary education.

A Veteran-Friendly Campus Awaits You!

If you’re a veteran interested in exploring your options at the U of A, it’s never been a better time to study here! 

In February 2021, the University of Alberta kicked off a two-year Veteran-Friendly Campus (VFC) pilot program with funding from the Government of Alberta. We welcome veterans to study here and, for those current students who choose to declare their veteran status, to provide input and direction regarding what services and supports you need most.

Here’s what is already in the plans:

  • Transition-year program to help you adjust to student life 
  • Veterans mess and service hub where you and your peers can gather
  • Specialized occupational therapy, housing and financial advising
  • A veteran student mentorship program.

Supported Students Succeed 

The University of Alberta is proud to count veterans like you among those who enrich our campus with their experience. The Veteran-Friendly Campus services, offered through the Dean of Students Office, will improve veterans’ post-secondary transition through services tailored to your talents and needs, such as prior learning assessments, peer mentorship, veterans’ study groups, mental health resources and specialized advising.

Planning and Advising

Choosing your course of study and plotting a career path can be daunting. You can start exploring your options with our Program Tool or contacting Student Connect for one-on-one advising to discuss your program options, admissions requirements and deadlines.

Additionally, you can reach out to Veteran’s Affairs Canada’s (VAC’s) Career and Transition Services for career advising and other supports.

Funding Your Studies

Education and Training Benefit (ETB)
You may already know that Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) offers the Education and Training Benefit to qualified individuals who are interested in post-secondary education or training when they are ready for post-service life. Find out more and see if you qualify.
Financial Support

For those with needs not covered by the ETB, there are other financial resources available.You can speak to the Student Connect team to learn more about financial support that may be available through the U of A or to your VAC case manager to learn more about external options that may be available.

Scholarships and Awards

The U of A, through the Office of the Registrar, administers more than $32 million in scholarships, awards, and other financial supports. After applying to your program, you can fill out a single application and be assessed for scholarships and awards you may not even know existed. 

In addition to these scholarships (available to all first-year students), you may also qualify for various external scholarships tailored to veterans like you—including the Alex Decoteau Award of Honour introduced last year.

Connect with Us

We’re here to help you get the answers you need on your path to the U of A. You can find answers to frequently asked questions or speak directly to an academic advisor about applying, programs, and scholarships and more by visiting Student Connect.

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