AP Students

NEW: AP Research and AP Seminar can now be used as option A (Humanities) for both Augustana and the Faculty of Arts for Fall 2024. To learn more and/or add these courses to your application for admission, please email apstudent@ualberta.ca.

Adwoa is an Honors Neuroscience student and a trombone player in the U of A marching band. She is helping students find their place here as a Senior U of A Ambassador, and she helps create content for our tik tok account!

 Adwoa is a fourth-year Honors Neuroscience student and a trombone player in the U of A marching band. She is helping students find their purpose here as a Senior U of A Ambassador, and content creator for our TikTok!

AP Students Excel Here

We know you are going places, and the University of Alberta is going to get you there. As a top-tier research-based institution, we provide the kind of academically-focused environment in which Advanced Placement (AP) students can thrive.

But you don't have to take our word for it. Hear from one of our current U of A students who participated in the AP program!

A+ Rewards for an A+ Student

You did the work — taking AP has its perks! We recognize your achievements in taking an academically rigorous program, and we want to see you continue your studies here.

Advanced Standing

If you achieve a final AP grade of 4 or higher, you can receive advanced standing and bypass certain courses by one of the following means:

  • Transfer Credit: Receive university-level transfer credit for AP work completed in high school. This means you will have the option not to take that course in university.
  • Advanced Placement: Register in a senior-level course without taking the junior-level course first.
  • Credit by Special Assessment (CSA): Enables you to challenge a university course for credit by writing a special exam. Administered by our faculties directly.

AP Capstone Program Extra Credit

We are proud to grant three additional credits to 100-level students who successfully complete the full AP Capstone Diploma (which includes their AP Seminar, AP Research and four other AP courses in which students have written the final exam).

Ready for Research

Many AP students like to dive into research opportunities — even while still in high school. The Festival of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities (FURCA) invites AP students to present their research, receive constructive feedback and network with current U of A students who are involved in exciting research across all disciplines.

Start with a Scholarship

The U of A administers over $46 million in undergraduate financial support every year. Historically, more than half of eligible AP students receive a scholarship offer. Learn more and view all entrance awards at uab.ca/awards.

  • Enriched Scholar Scholarship: As an AP student, you may be eligible to receive up to $5,000 as recognition for your achievements in an academically rigorous program.

Admission for AP Students

Dual-Admission Advantage

If you are completing AP exams in conjunction with your high school curriculum, we will use the higher of either your AP score or high school grade for admission. For example, if you present both AP English and English 30-1, we will use the higher of the two grades when calculating your admission average required for your program. You are not at a disadvantage for choosing to write an AP exam!

Alberta High School Equivalences

Review the AP Course Equivalents Chart for more information on which AP high school courses may be used on your application.

AP Grade Conversion Scale

To calculate your admissions average using AP results, we will convert your scores into percentages as follows:

AP Result AP Equivalent
5 96%
4 86%
3 76%
2 65%
1 Not accepted for admission


How do I know if my AP course will fulfill the admission requirements of my program?
First identify which of the five courses are required for your program of interest by visiting the Program Tool. Then, using the Alberta High School Courses Equivalents for AP chart, you can determine what the Alberta course equivalent is for the AP course you are taking. From there, assess whether you have the necessary coursework to fulfill the admission requirements.
How do I self report my marks as an AP student on my U of A application?
Once you identify you are an AP/enriched curricula student on your application, we will ask you to self report both your AP final marks and provincial final marks. You will receive a 1-5 score on your AP exam. Take this score and convert it to a percentage equivalent using the conversion chart provided on the self-report page of the application. For your provincial mark, list the final course mark that shows on your provincial transcript. Using our dual admission process, we will use the higher of the two grade percentages.
Can I use 35 level AP coursework for admission to the U of A?
For the purposes of U of A admission, all 35 level AP coursework is deemed not equivalent to 30 level provincial coursework. 35 level courses will be equated to a 20-level for admission purposes. In the absence of a final 30 level course (i.e. the course is in progress or you are planning to take it), we would take the higher of the 35 or 20 level. However, 30 level courses always take precedence over 35 or 20 level courses and are required for all U of A programs.
What do I self report on my application if I have not yet completed the course and/or written the AP exam at the time of application?
Under “Course Status”, list the course as “In Progress” (if you are currently taking) or “Planning to Take” (if you are taking the course in the following semester(s)). If you have your final provincial mark, but have not yet written the AP exam, list your final provincial grade on your application.
How do I accept or decline my AP transfer credit?

If you are awarded transfer credit, you do not need to accept it as this is an automatic process. It will be applied to your Beartracks account in late summer/early fall. Should you wish to decline transfer credit, you need to initiate the process by submitting an AP Decline Transfer Credit form

How do I know if my course is eligible for transfer credit? Will I be awarded a specific grade?
All AP courses eligible for transfer credit can be found on our AP Transfer Credit webpage. If you are awarded transfer credit, you will not be assigned a specific grade for that course, nor will an AP grade appear on your U of A transcript. U of A transcripts will simply reflect credit already achieved towards a degree. For example, transfer credit earned for AP Calculus will show as ★3 MATH credits towards a U of A degree.