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It Starts With You

Counsellors like you have helped thousands of UAlberta students discover their passion and get the most out of their university experience.

Thank You For All That You Do

Your important role in advising and supporting students on their journey to the U of A has helped us build our legacy as one of the top 5 universities in Canada and top 100 in the world. We appreciate everything that you do!

We've created this page so that you can quickly and easily find everything you need to know as a counsellor, at any time throughout the year.

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Key Admissions Information

Dates & deadlines
See all key dates at a glance for 2019-20.
Find out about our general and competitive requirements.
Admission steps
How students can apply and accept their offer.
Submitting updates
Learn how students can submit and update Grade 12 marks on their application.
Evaluation process
How we evaluate applications and make offers.
Tuition & scholarships
Information about scholarships, loans, and other financial support.

Campus tour led by U of Alberta ambassadors

What's New at the U of A?

Augustana Campus

  • Project-based Core: A new core curriculum with a focus on project-based learning will give students the opportunity to tackle real-world issues. They will be encouraged to think creatively in a variety of backgrounds and to collaborate across a spectrum of disciplines, and with the community.
  • Multidisciplinary Concentrations: Students will no longer have to stick with one major. Instead, they will be able to study various topics across disciplines, in a way that caters to their unique interests, and coincides with their career aspirations.

Renovations to Lister Centre - Residence Towers
Over the next three years, extensive renovations will be undertaken to fully refresh suites, student lounges, washrooms and other amenity spaces in all three towers.

Faculty of Arts Update
As of Fall 2018, the Bachelor of Arts in Criminology is now a direct-entry program. Students can apply directly from high school. Full admission requirements can be online.

Cortona Italy Winter School
Students are now eligible to study abroad in Cortona Italy as early as Winter term of their first year!

Weekend Away
Each spring, we invite 20 Grade 11 students to come and experience campus, and a whirlwind weekend of activities at the U of A!

Alberta students can apply for Green & Gold Getaway and out-of-province students can apply for Boarding UAlberta.

University of Alberta North campus

Connect With Us

Campus Tours
Students and counsellors are invited to take a Campus Tour. Or, consider booking a Group Tour with your class and we'll work with you to customize your visit!

In-school presentations
Let us come to you! We'd love to talk to your students about everything the U of A has to offer.

In-school application workshops
Our recruiters are available to come and guide students through the online application form as they apply on the spot!

Contact us
Please email us at to coordinate an in-school presentation or workshop, or if you have any questions.

Support staffs at Open House


We offer one-on-one advising for students throughout the year both on and off campus as well as online. No matter what their questions are about the U of A, admissions, and university life, we've got them covered!

Indigenous students?

The University of Alberta is home to a welcoming and growing community of over 1,200 First Nations, Métis, and Inuit students.

Our Indigenous Students page contains more information about admission options, including the Transition Year Program, as well as student services and support, special events, Indigenous student housing, and more.

We're also able to support Indigenous students who are considering applying for post-secondary through one-on-one advising and assistance with a variety of topics.

Contact us at or call 780-492-8810.