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Updates for Fall 2021

This fall National Recruitment will be working to support you and your students both virtually and in-person! We look forward to answering your questions, providing advising for your students, and more.

Parents & Supporters: we know that you are often supporting your student’s families and supporters through the post secondary process. We have expanded our offerings for them. Please encourage them to attend one of our Parent & Families presentations, or sign up for our monthly Parent & Families E news, with information just for them! Learn more here.

Admissions 101

We believe applying to school should be easy — so let’s break it down.

Students must meet both the minimum and competitive admission-average requirements for their program. The competitive average varies each year, based on the applicant pool. Presenting marks within the competitive range does not guarantee admission, as program space is limited. Direct-entry programs require five core academic courses, varying by program. Check out our Program Tool to explore programs and their requirements.
Students can apply using final Grade 11 marks and any final Grade 12 marks. They must also indicate which Grade 12 courses they plan to complete. If not eligible, students can submit new grade information for a re-evaluation after February 15. Linear school students can submit interim Grade 12 marks if they reflect at least half of the course content, after February 15. There will be a process for students on a quarterly system to update their final marks when they receive them. More details coming soon.
After applying, students will have access to the UAlberta Launchpad to check application status and will also receive a UAlberta email account. Students should check this account for notifications. Students need to accept their offer and pay a tuition deposit by the deadline stated in their UAlberta Launchpad in order to register in courses.
Attend a Registration 101 workshop in the spring, where our advisors help students build their schedules and advise on which courses to take.

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Connect with us

Let us show you and your students what the U of A has to offer and how to get here. See our Recruitment Events page for a full list of events.

Campus Tours
We offer in-person and virtual tours so you can see what our campus has to offer.
University of Alberta 101
This online presentation covers everything your students need to know about the U of A - admissions, scholarships, and more! See our Recruitment Events page for a full schedule of sessions.
U of A Getaway
This exciting weekend-long event offers grade 11 students from across Canada the opportunity to see what the U of A has to offer - in-person! A select number of applicants will be whisked away for a fun and informative weekend where they will experience life as a UAlberta student.
Virtual Advising
We offer both general and faculty-specific virtual advising sessions to help students get all their questions answered.
Custom Presentations
If you would like to request a specific session for your students, please email us at and we’ll be happy to help.

Supporting your Students

We understand that not all students follow the same path to the U of A, so we have information tailored to special groups to help you best guide these students. Whether it’s additional support or enhanced opportunities, we can help.

AP and IB Students
We recognize the achievements of AP and IB students and want them to continue their studies here. When assessing applications, we will use their AP or IB grade if it is higher than the provincial equivalent. Students can be recognized with transfer credit, advanced placement, or credit by special assessment. Learn more at the AP Students and IP Students.
Indigenous Students

Our Indigenous Students page contains more information about admission options, including the Transition Year Program, as well as student services and support, special events, Indigenous student housing, and more.

We're also able to support Indigenous students who are considering applying for post-secondary through one-on-one advising and assistance with a variety of topics.

Contact us at

International Students Studying in Canada

All undergraduate programs are open to international students with the exception of the Doctor of Medicine and Bachelor of Science in Radiation Therapy programs. Students must possess an adequate level of English Language Proficiency (ELP) in order to be granted admission (except for French-language programs, which require FLP).

Students who don’t meet the English language proficiency requirements may attend the Bridging Program. This stream allows eligible students to complete the ELP requirement by taking English for Academic Purposes (EAP) courses during their first year of study, while also taking academic courses and earning credit toward their degree. 

See our International Students Studying in Canada page for more information.