Associate Alumni

Who are Associate Alumni?

Associate Alumni are comprised of three separate groups of individuals:

  1. Any person who has completed a program at the University in which the University does not grant a degree, or did not grant a degree at the time of completion of such program, and has subsequently graduated from a post-secondary education institution recognized by the Council as a "university" may become an associate Member of the Association upon application to Council.
  2. Certificate Holders - Those University of Alberta students who have completed a program that is deemed to be a Certificate by the University of Alberta and its faculties, including those from Online and Continuing Education. Accepted Certificate programs for Associate Alumni Status are typically composed of multiple courses, must provide a minimum of 36 hours of course instruction and must result in a certificate that is U of A branded.
  3. Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry Residents - Those University of Alberta students who have completed their medical or dental residencies within the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, receiving their diploma from the College of Physicians and Surgeons of the Province of Alberta.

How do I receive Associate Alumni status?

The following groups will receive Associate Alumni status automatically once the alumni office receives graduate records from the corresponding faculty/department:

  • Post-Graduate Medical Education (PGME) graduates completing their program after January 1, 2013
  • Continuing Education and University of Alberta International graduates completing a certificate program after January 1, 2013

All other alumni must apply and manually consent to being added to our alumni database. If you are unsure whether you have Associate Alumni status or not, please contact the Office of Alumni Relations.

Associate Alumni Benefits

Associate Alumni can take advantage of exclusive alumni perks and savings, such as:

  • Invitations to university events, including alumni functions that keep you connected to past classmates and friends.
  • Access to discounts with affinity partners TD Insurance and Manulife
  • Access to exclusive alumni travel programs
  • $100 discount when enrolling in a program at the Online and Continuing Education (details)
  • Access to New Trail Magazine online
  • A connection to lifelong learning programs and U of A research
  • Access to career services, including career mentorship programs, coaching, podcasts and more
  • Eligibility for the Alumni ONEcard, which provides access to recreation facilities and libraries
  • Information regarding how you can support the University of Alberta through your advocacy, volunteerism and/or financial support.