Project Postcard

Please note: Since Office of Alumni Relations staff are currently working remotely, we have temporarily stopped our snail-mail postcards and are instead collecting messages digitally.

Show Students Your Support With Project Postcard

Let them know you're thinking of them!

Exams can be a stressful experience for many U of A students. Help us brighten their day by giving motivational advice, offering boredom-busting quarantine tips, sharing a funny GIF or inspiring quote — it’s up to you!

Writing Your Digital Postcard

Project Postcard is currently hosted on Padlet, an online notice board that's free and easy to use. Write your note of encouragement to students and feel free to get creative by drawing a picture, uploading a photo, adding a GIF or attaching a video message.

How it works:

  1. Click the "Post a Note" button to visit the Project Postcard Padlet board (you do not need to login or sign up for an account to share a note).
  2. Click the pink "+" button in the bottom right hand corner of the screen or double-click anywhere on the Project Postcard Padlet board
  3. A new blank note will appear on the board. Type in your title and message. If you wish, use the icons below the message to add creative flourishes:
    • Upload an image from your photo library
    • Add a link to a website
    • Add an image, video, GIF or audio file from the internet
    • Take a photo of yourself using your computer's camera
    • Draw a digital doodle on the onscreen canvas
  4. Don't forget to sign your name and press enter to finish!

Post a Note

Not sure what to write?

Keep your tone light and friendly and the message general so it will be understood by any student, of any gender, studying in any field.

Try sharing:

  • words of encouragement for coping with, accepting or embracing change
  • tips for dealing with this new normal
  • advice for how to stay motivated with online classes
  • compassion for those who might be far from home

Have more to share? Post as many times as you like!

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