Embedded Certification Opportunities

Students may enrol in an embedded certificate to demonstrate their expertise in an area of learning. Completed certificates appear on your degree parchment and official transcript. The courses required for the certificate will also count towards your other program requirements, so there is no need to take additional courses. There is no cost to enrol in a certificate. If you have any questions about these certificates, reach out to Student Academic Services.


The Certificate in Community Mental Health: Theory and Practice

The Certificate in Community Mental Health: Theory and Practice, involves completing a specific set of psychology courses, as well as doing volunteer placements in community organizations.

Students are trained in the principles of mental health, including psychological well-being and neuropsychological disorders, and learn about the types of interventions that are designed to support those with mental illness. Recipients of the certificate are valuable members of their community and may be attractive employment or graduate school prospects.

Certificate in Writing Studies

Augustana offers a Writing Studies Certificate, which indicates a high level of achievement in written communication. The requirements for this Certificate are founded in both mentorship and peer-based learning, and will inspire students to a deeper engagement with personal development. Excellent writing skills are a necessary competency that stands out in an increasingly competitive job market.

Certificate in Sustainability

The Certificate in Sustainability rewards students' choice to focus on human and environmental issues that are increasingly important in today’s world. Study across disciplines to understand issues such as: climate change, food security, renewable energy, biodiversity and social inequality. As an embedded certificate, students can count courses they're already taking for a major or minor. The integrative project gets students out of the classroom to solve real world challenges.

Certificate in Community Engagement and Service-Learning

Students participating in CSL courses can earn an additional degree certificate in community service-learning entitled Certificate in Community Engagement and Service-Learning. This certificate speaks to a student's willingness to collaborate on projects with various organizations, ability to handle the responsibility of completing assignments with tangible results, and investment in the philosophy behind creating partnerships which support the ecological and social sustainability of our region.