Computing Science

Available as a Major in:
            Bachelor of Arts and
            Bachelor of Science programs.

Available as a Minor in:

            Any program.


Since computers are being used increasingly by almost all segments of our society, a knowledge of computing science leads to many fulfilling and rewarding careers.

If you are intrigued by questions such as:

  • "What is the fastest method for sorting a list of names?"  
  • "How does an operating system function?"  
  • "Can the human mind be simulated by a computer?"

then you may wish to pursue a degree in computing science.

Augustana's Computing Science department is unique and leading in many ways:

  • Java (wikipedia), a popular object-oriented language for creating web-based applications, is used extensively in the introductory courses.
  • The first course of our computing science curriculum, leading to a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) degree, presents a broad overview of the whole field, providing a valuable transition from high school to university.
  • Computing science at Augustana is offered in the context of a liberal arts and sciences degree program at a small, caring, teaching-oriented university.
    "industry has realized that the liberal arts or general science graduate often has greater flexibility and can be trained in a systems group with excellent results."
    Christine McDougall, Computing Canada