Modern Languages

Available as a Major in:
              Bachelor of Arts program.

Available as a Minor in:

              Any program.


Why Study Modern Languages?

Language has always played an important role in human history, and remains essential to the activities of the modern world. In the global setting, languages are essential for social, business, political, and recreational interaction. Knowledge of languages and cultures opens the door to an exciting world of travel, work, and study abroad experiences.

Augustana Campus' Modern Languages Degree

Augustana Faculty's degree in Modern Languages, a two-language major, provides students with the opportunity to learn critical thinking, writing, public speaking, and to study in an immersion program.  The Modern Languages major enhances and supports all academic disciplines, making it an ideal choice for pairing with other majors or minors such as physical education, history, political studies, economics, music or science.


The immersion requirement of the Modern Languages program enriches a student's understanding of both language and culture through active participation. Augustana also provides an option for students to live in an immersion in-residence setting.