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An online tool to help you determine your unofficial, overall GPA.

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This calculator helps you determine how well you need to do in future courses to meet your target GPA.

Ex: 2.3
Ex: 36

To reach your target GPA, you need this average GPA in your remaining courses:

An average of greater than 4.0 is not possible, so your target GPA of is also not possible.

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John is starting the 4th year of a 4 year program, and wants to know what grades he needs for a graduating GPA of 3.0

John's current GPA is 2.8. He would put 2.8 in the "Current GPA" box.

Since John has completed 3 years, he has accumulated 90 credits (30 credits/year &times 3 years). However, the first 30 credits of a program are not used to calculate a graduating GPA, so John would only put 60 in the "Total credits of courses used to calculate Current GPA"

Since he wants a graduating GPA of 3.0, he would put 3.0 in the "Target GPA" box.

With one year left, John has 30 credits he can take, so he would put 30 in the "Total remaining credits" box.

The calculator would tell John he needs to get an average of 3.4 in his remaining courses to reach his target graduating GPA of 3.0