Early Alert System


The Early Alert System (EAS) functions as an early alert mechanism to provide support to any student who might need assistance because of a temporary setback or an ongoing difficulty that puts their academic success at risk. (Inspired by UBC Early Alert, 2016)

The EAS was developed to incorporate information points from non-academic sources and be more holistic in its support of Augustana students.

A key part of our EAS is to clarify for students and staff that there are processes available to get help and that people are paying attention.

The EAS Team is not a disciplinary body, nor does it deal with imminent danger or emergencies. The University has systems in place for dealing with disciplinary matters (e.g. The Code of Student Behaviour, Community Standards), and for dealing with cases of imminent danger (e.g. The Protocol for Urgent Cases of Disruptive, Threatening or Violent Conduct).


Reporting options:

EAS Submission Form   OR

 Email augeas@ualberta.ca 


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will someone from the EAS committee update me regarding a student that I expressed concern about?

No. Members of the EAS oversight committee will strive to connect with the student directly. If the concerning behaviour continues please connect with the EAS committee again. The information is kept in Academic Programs and follows the retention and disposal schedule as managed by the faculty records retention policy.