Rental Venues at the Botanic Garden

The Diwan

2023 Garden Tourism Award Winner, 2023 Garden Tourism Award Canadian Garden Event of the Year Winner, 2023 Garden Tourism Award Canadian Garden Achievement of the Year Winner

The elegant structure overlooks the magnificent Aga Khan Garden and is the newest addition to a roster of exceptional rental facilities at the University of Alberta Botanic Garden with indoor and outdoor options.

Capacity: 60-220 indoor + outdoor

Ozawa Pavilion

Overlooking the beautiful Kurimoto Japanese Garden, the Ozawa Pavilion combines traditional Japanese design and materials with modern innovation.

Capacity: 20-40 indoor

Ikoi no Ba

Adjacent to the Ozawa Pavilion teahouse, the Ikoi no ba (meaning “cozy place to gather”) overlooks the beautiful Kurimoto Japanese Garden.

Capacity: 16-30 indoor + outdoor

The Welcome Centre

The Welcome Centre is a flexible space, making it suitable for a wide range of occasions. Conveniently located near the parking lot.

Capacity: 70 indoor + outdoor

Pine Pavilion

Credit: Kelly Redinger

In a picturesque setting overlooking the Grebe Pond, the Pine Pavilion is an ideal location for large group functions.

Capacity: 180 outdoor only

Lilac Tent

Nestled near the Garden’s collection of lilacs, close to the Alpine Garden, the white garden tent is perfect for family gatherings, company picnics, birthday parties, wedding showers and group functions.

Capacity: 70 outdoor only


Sweeping vistas of the Aga Khan Garden and beyond form the view from the Talar, a stepped terrace with pools and waterfalls, majestic limestone pillars and a vibrant canopy cover.

Capacity: 220 outdoor only


A beautiful, secluded setting adjoining the Aga Khan Garden in a natural woodland bowl.

Capacity: 500 outdoor only

Aga Khan Garden

The Aga Khan Garden, Alberta, is a spectacular 11-acre feature garden. Quite simply, this Islamic-design inspired garden offers a venue like no other.

Capacity: 1000 outdoor only

Kurimoto Japanese Garden

This renowned five-acre garden features a curved wooden bridge, Japanese lanterns and pagoda, waterfalls and is perfect for intimate gatherings.

Capacity: 1000 outdoor only

Alpine Garden

Surrounded by alpine plants and rocky elevations, a ceremony in this special location will create lasting memories.

Capacity: 90 outdoor only

The Wedding Patio

The Wedding Patio is located adjacent to the idyllic Grebe Pond, with flower gardens, a quaint wooden bridge and a ceremony site.

Capacity: 250 outdoor only

Renting the Full Garden

If you're looking for a unique and stunning venue for your next event, consider renting one or the entire Garden. Imagine having an entire botanical paradise for yourself and your guests, with lush greenery, fragrant flowers, and winding paths. Whether you're planning a wedding, a fundraiser or a massive event, renting a garden can provide a breathtaking backdrop for your special occasion.

5000 indoor + outdoor

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