The primula dell in the Botanic Garden collections

University of Alberta Botanic Garden Collections

Ornamentals, fruits, vegetables and more — our garden collections are organized to display and interpret ecosystems, habitats and the relationships between people and plants, in addition to being aesthetically pleasing.

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Annuals and Perennials

A large assortment of annuals and perennials located throughout the Garden.

Fruits and Vegetables

Hardy fruits and an annually changing assortment of vegetables are grown in the Potager Garden.


Lilacs (Syringa) blooms in every shade of purple, along with white, pink and even blue varieties.


A large and varied collection of fragrant, long-lived peonies (Paeonia) blooms mid-summer.


The large and diverse collection of Primula can be found in early spring in the Primula Dell and Alpine Garden.


Enjoy this large collection of hardy cultivated varieties and species roses (Rosa) that thrive and survive in our harsh Zone 3 climate.

Trees and Shrubs

Hedges and shrubs, vines and climbers.