Gardens + Attractions

With 80 acres to explore, the Garden is the perfect place to recharge in nature. Explore cultural gardens, northern climate-hardy plant collections, indoor showhouses and extensive natural areas. Visit us today.

Aga Khan Garden, Alberta

The Aga Khan Garden features secluded forest paths, fruit orchards and more than 25,000 trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals and wetland plants.

Dyde house exteriour

Dyde House

Dyde House was designed by Arthur Erickson, one of Canada’s most prominent architects. Dyde House holds a unique and vital place in our history and is a landmark to the arts and culture of Canada’s heritage.

Indigenous Peoples Garden

The plants in this area have traditional uses by Indigenous Peoples, including for medicinal, dietary and ornamentation purposes. Created in 1980, this was the first Indigenous Peoples garden at a botanic garden in Canada.

Indoor Showhouses

View the tropical plant showhouse, arid showhouse and temperate showhouse and experience a variety of plants, shrubs, trees and more from different climates.

Kurimoto Japanese Garden

The Kurimoto Japanese Garden is a five acre garden, created in the kaiyou (strolling garden) style. Ornaments and structures include lanterns, pagoda, entrance gate, belfry and azumaya (viewing shelters) and more.

Patrick Seymour Alpine Garden

One of the largest alpine gardens in North America (five acres), this garden contains many plants adapted to grow above the treeline of mountains.

University of Alberta Botanic Garden Collections

Ornamentals, fruits, vegetables and more — our garden collections are organized to display and interpret ecosystems, habitats and the relationships between people and plants, in addition to being aesthetically pleasing.