Course Requirements

Students must:

  1. Normally have completed of a minimum of 60 but not more than 90 units of course weight in either the Honors or Specialization program in the Department of Chemistry. Interested General Science students with a significant amount of chemistry coursing can contact the course instructor or Undergraduate Advisor to discuss whether CHEM 300 will be appropriate for their program.
  2. Be willing to commit 3 to 4 hours per week to the course.
  3. Attend seminars and tours associated with the course.  Students will also be asked to view webinars and videos that provide pertinent background material about chemical industry, chemistry careers and job interview skills.
  4. Keep a journal summarizing the seminars, videos, information interviews, tours and other activities in the course.
  5. Prepare a resume by the end of the course.  This resume must be tailored for a specific job advertisement. 
  6. Participate in a mock interview for the job they applied for.  The interview will be conducted by an experienced industrial chemist.