The Department of Chemistry boasts world-renowned faculty and researchers who exemplify excellence and passion in the discipline of chemistry, and those traits are also reflected within the curriculum.

Students interested in pursuing academics in chemistry can expect to study:

  • analytical chemistry,
  • catalysis,
  • chromatography,
  • environmental chemistry,
  • organic and inorganic chemistry,
  • physical properties and dynamics of chemical systems,
  • quantitative and qualitative methods of analyses,
  • spectroscopy,
  • and more.

Students will likely notice a number of introductory chemistry courses. Please note that some courses are restricted to students in science (CHEM 101/102) and others for students in engineering (CHEM 103/105). For more information, visit the introductory chemistry page.

For full course offerings in the Department of Chemistry, please review the listings and descriptions in the course catalogue.


Experiential and Blended Learning

In addition to traditional methods of teaching chemistry (i.e. lectures, seminars, and lab work), the University of Alberta's chemistry curriculum features other types of courses and material to allow rapt undergraduate students to dive deeper into the exciting world of chemistry.

Industrial Chemistry

CHEM 300: Introduction to Industrial Chemistry is a specialized course where students are introduced to practices, environments, concepts, and other issues associated with the industrial workplace. Students will learn from professionals in the local chemical industry, take tours of industry facilities, and take part in professional skills development to prepare them for practical careers as industrial chemists.

For more information, visit the industrial chemistry page.

Advanced Research Courses

The Faculty of Science offers a number of advanced research courses at the 200-, 300-, and 400-levels so undergraduate students have an opportunity to experience in-depth research prior to applying for graduate studies or joining the workforce.

In CHEM 299, 399, 401, and 403, students participate in active research projects under the supervision of a faculty researcher. They will gain valuable experiences in conducting research, developing reports and papers, and presenting their findings for credit towards their degree.

For more information, visit the advanced research page.