Introductory University Chemistry: CHEM 101/102/103/105

This is the information page for Introductory University Chemistry, which includes CHEM 101, 102, 103, and 105.

CHEM 101/CHEM 102: Introductory University Chemistry I/II

The two introductory chemistry courses are required for any undergraduate student pursuing a major, minor, specialization, or honors degree in chemistry.

The course material in these two courses covers:

  • atoms and molecules,
  • states of matter,
  • chemistry of the elements,
  • rates of reactions,
  • thermodynamics and equilibrium,
  • electro-chemistry,
  • and modern applications of chemistry.

Note that CHEM 101 and 102 both have lecture, lab, and seminar components.

CHEM 103/105: Introductory University Chemistry I/II

CHEM 103 and 105 are the introductory chemistry courses and are restricted to students in the Faculty of Engineering only.

These two courses covers the same material as CHEM 101/102. However, CHEM 103 has a lecture, lab, and seminar requirement, where CHEM 105 only has lecture and lab components.

Introductory Course Requirements

Note that entry to either CHEM 101 or 103 is contingent upon the student's completion of Chemistry 30. The prerequisites for the second introductory chemistry courses (CHEM 102 and 105) are the completion of the first introductory course in their respective stream (CHEM 101 or 103).

Required materials:

  • Lab manual: sold only at Chemistry Stores (Chemistry Centre room W1-28).
  • Lab coat and safety glasses are mandatory and can be purchased from Chemistry Stores (Chemistry Centre room W1-28) or from the University Bookstore.

Contact Information:

For issues concerning CHEM 101/102/103/105 labs, visit the CHEM 101/102/103/105 labs web page, or contact the laboratory coordinator: Dr. Yoram Apelblat at

For issues concerning CHEM 101/102/103/105 registration and credit transfers, contact Chemistry undergraduate student services at

For all other issues concerning CHEM 101/102/103/105, contact the course coordinator: Dr. Arthur Mar at