UAlberta Working for Inclusivity in Chemistry

UAlberta Working for Inclusivity in Chemistry (UAWIC), created in the spring of 2017, is a student group dedicated to promoting diversity by fostering camaraderie amongst the members of the chemistry department, providing professional development opportunities, and hosting networking events geared at increasing exposure to strong role models in various chemistry careers.

UAWIC's Goals

We are a group of individuals that strive to:

  • Foster a camaraderie amongst members of the Chemistry Department, regardless of their status as student, postdoctoral fellow, staff, faculty, or otherwise.
  • Provide a chance for young investigators to interact with diverse or minority role models through smaller, more intimate interactions over coffee meetings.
  • Recruit chemists from various fields, such as industry, government, or education, to visit our campus and discuss their career path.
  • Organize workshops aimed at career development, particularly for young scholars looking to enhance their resumes.
  • Consciously increase gender diversity through representation in committees/groups and selection of invited speakers.

Our events are open to any interested individuals, regardless of gender or stage in their career. If you would like more information, please get in touch!

How to Support Inclusivity in Chemistry

With your generous support, we're able to work towards the goal of increasing diversity in chemistry through activities including:

  • organizing professional development retreats such as LOGIC (Leaders Overcoming Gender Inequality in Chemistry),
  • sponsoring panel discussions and networking events,
  • allowing for student scholarships to attend related leadership conferences,
  • hosting visiting speakers (e.g. the annual Margaret-Ann Armour Lecture Series), local workshops, meet & greets, social gatherings, and more.

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