Mass Spectrometry Facility

The Mass Spectrometry Facility is one of the largest and best equipped of its kind in Canada and offers very rapid turnaround of all routine samples with a wide variety of ionization techniques available: electron impact (EI), chemical ionization (CI), atmospheric pressure chemical ionization (APCI), atmospheric pressure photo-ionization (APPI), electrospray (ES), and matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization (MALDI).

Several modern mass spectrometers are available in the Facility including a Waters Q-TOF Premiere mass spectrometer with a NanoAcquity UPLC system, a Bruker Apex-Qe 9.4T FTMS, an Agilent 6220 oaTOF and Bruker Ultraflextreme MALDI TOF/TOF.

Samples are run by experienced technical staff who are happy to demonstrate and explain the instrumentation to new users. The staff in the facility are also experienced in the interpretation of spectra. In addition, we are happy to discuss with potential users how mass spectrometry may assist them in their research.