Facilities and Resources

Research Labs and Facilities

The Department of Chemistry is home to several state of the art instrumentation laboratories that support our teaching and research programs.

Our Mass Spectrometry Laboratory is one of the largest and best equipped of its kind in Canada, featuring a $1.5 million MS/MS system. The Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Laboratory has state of the art spectrometers with six high-field instruments, including a new 600 MHz spectrometer. The X-ray Crystallography Laboratory is a fully-equipped, self-contained facility providing single-crystal X-ray crystallographic services.

Visit the links below to find out more about the available services and how you can use these facilities for your research:

Research Support and Technical Resources

Our research and technical staff provide rapid turnaround of custom-design work and repair services, allowing you to focus on your work.

Chemical Stores and Receiving

Our stores and receiving staff deal with the acquisition and distribution of chemicals and equipment for research and education, the dispensing of cryogens, and the tracking and disposal of chemical wastes.

Electronic Instrument Services

Our electronics technicians provide troubleshooting and repair services for a wide range of computer, electronic and scientific equipment and apparatus. Additionally, the Electronics Shop provides consultation, design and fabrication, or modification of electronic instrumentation.

Machine Shop

The Machine Shop helps keep our researchers at the forefront in chemistry research in Canada, and internationally. This well-equipped facility manufactures custom-designed devices, instruments, and apparatus necessary for research and teaching.

Glass Shop

The department maintains a fully equipped glassblowing shop with an expert staff. Our glassblowing technician has the ability to repair, design and create any glassware required in the research laboratory and work with all types of glass and quartz materials.