Biological Services

Biological Services is a Biohazard Containment Level 2 departmental facility and resource designed to help researchers take advantage of molecular biology, biochemistry, genetics, microbiology and cell biology approaches in order to realize their research goals. People can use the equipment and facilities and can get advice on planning and executing research programs. Biological Services staff can also be asked to prepare biological samples or to undertake research projects.

Lab Spaces

Biological Services comprises four main lab spaces:

DNA/Protein Lab

The DNA/Protein Lab contains most of the tools commonly used for manipulation of DNA and protein, recombinant protein expression and purification and subcellular fractionation. Equipment available for use includes:

  • centrifuges
  • plate readers
  • spectrophotometers
  • cell disruptor
  • thermocyclers
  • imager
  • isothermal titration calorimeter
  • electroporator
  • electrophoresis units
  • transilluminators
  • ultrapure water
  • incubators
    • anaerobic growth chamber
  • water baths
  • ultralow freezer
  • micropipettors
  • cold rooms
  • walk-in freezer

Cell Culture Lab

The Cell Culture Lab is designed as an isolated Biohazard Containment Level 2 work area with a biosafety cabinet for working with mammalian cell culture and human body fluids. Associated equipment includes a controlled atmosphere incubator, an inverted light microscope and a benchtop centrifuge.

Microbiology Lab

The Microbiology Lab is a Biohazard Containment Level 2 work area used mainly for growing microbiological cultures and processing microbiological samples. Equipment available for use includes:

  • autoclaves
  • centrifuges
  • biosafety cabinet
  • freeze dryer
  • incubators
  • sonicator
  • ultralow freezer
  • light microscopes
  • spectrophotometer
  • water bath

Microscopy Lab

The microscopy lab is home to a Nikon fluorescence microscope with TIRF and photoactivation capabilities.

Facility Availability

All facilities and services are available to all University of Alberta students and employees as well as people from outside the University. Priority will be given to Department of Chemistry personnel. People wishing to use the equipment and facilities must undergo a lab safety orientation and training by the Manager before being given permission and allowed access.

There are fees for the operation of certain pieces of equipment and for other services; please contact the Biological Services Manager for details.