Jom Amtawong
CCIS 4-255
(780) 492-5388
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Synthesis and study of inorganic complexes as molecular models for metalloenzymes; Proton-coupled electron transfer chemistry; (electro)catalysis for clean energy production and storage
Steven H. Bergens
E4-51 Chemistry Centre
(780) 492-9703
Group website
Design and study of chiral ligands, chiral organometallic catalysts and enantioselective catalytic transformations; mechanisms, origins of catalytic enantioselection; applied electrochemistry, synthesis of supported electrocatalysts as compounds of fuel cells
Alexander Brown
W4-70D Chemistry Centre
(780) 492-1854
Group website
Development and application of quantum, semi-classical, and classical dynamics methods for the study of molecular photoabsorption, photodissociation, and photoionization; laser control of chemical reactions.
Christopher W. Cairo
CCIS 4-082
(780) 492-0377
Group website
Synthesis of saccharides, glycolipids, peptides, and fluorophores; Biophysical analysis of model systems and live cells with spectroscopy and fluorescence microscopy; Instrument development; Microscopy and single molecule fluorescence analysis; Biochemical analysis of glycoproteins and glycolipids
Wesley Chalifoux
CCIS 4-009
(780) 492-3233
Group website
Organic synthesis method development for carbon-rich materials, achiral and chiral nanographenes, graphene nanoribbons, and conjugated polymers. Circular dichroism and circularly polarized luminescent properties of chiral nanographenes for chiroptical applications and the use of conjugated materials in OFETs, OLEDs, and OPVs
Derrick L. J. Clive
W5-03B Chemistry Centre
(780) 492-3251
Group website
Synthesis of biologically important natural products; development of new synthetic methods, especially processes based on radical cyclization
Ratmir Derda
CCIS 4-009
(780) 492-8370
Group website
Synthesis of molecules to probe cell function, genetically-encoded chemical libraries, in-vitro selection of molecules with dynamic properties, phage display, biomaterials and synthetic cell microenvironments, cell-based screening, molecular tools to study self-organization in chemistry and biology
Julianne M. Gibbs
E3-52 Chemistry Centre
(780) 492-7140
Group website
Multivalency and molecular recognition at interfaces; physical chemistry of "green" catalytic surfaces; supramolecular, self-replicating systems for DNA detection; nonlinear optical spectroscopy of interfacial dynamics
Dennis Hall
CCIS 4-010
(780) 492-3141
Group website
Organic synthesis; organoboron chemistry; stereocontrolled reaction methodology; solid-phase synthesis; artificial biopolymers; chemical biology
Gabriel Hanna
W4-70C Chemistry Centre
(780) 492-3352
Group website
Development of mixed quantum-classical methods for the study of condensed phase quantum dynamics; mixed quantum-classical formulations of nonlinear spectroscopy; modelling of multidimensional infrared spectra of nanoconfined systems
James Harynuk
W3-03B Chemistry Centre
(780) 492-8303
Group website
Multidimensional gas-phase separations and advanced data handling tools
Wolfgang Jäger
CCIS 4-244
(780) 492-5020
Group website
Application of molecular beam techniques and pulsed excitation-emission spectroscopic methods for the study of weak intermolecular interactions
Shira Joudan
E5-52A Chemistry Centre
(780) 492-7505
Group website
environmental analytical chemistry; fate of organic contaminants in the environment; per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS); characterization of environmental transformations and long-range transport; environmental mass spectrometry
John Klassen
CCIS 4-084
(780) 492-3501
Group website
High performance mass spectrometry, bioanalytical techniques, glycomics, library screening, protein-ligand affinities, tissue and cell analysis, disease biomarker discovery
Mariusz Klobukowski
E4-44 Chemistry Centre
(780) 492-2568
Development and applications of model core potentials in accurate molecular structure calculations; electronic structure of inorganic, organic, and organometallic molecules, molecular ions, and molecular clusters in their ground and excited electronic states; weakly interacting systems; relativistic effects in atoms and molecules
Liang Li
W3-39C Chemistry Centre
(780) 492-3250
Group website
Analytical mass spectrometry, bioanalytical techniques, proteomics, proteome analysis, protein characterization, metabolomics, metabolome analysis, tissue and cell analysis, disease biomarker discovery, biosystems analysis
Rylan Lundgren
E4-17A Chemistry Centre
(780) 492-3766
Group website

Homogeneous catalysis, organometallic chemistry, synthetic organic methodology development, inorganic and organic reaction mechanisms

Matthew Macauley
E5-18A Chemistry Centre
(780) 492-5239
Group website
Chemical biology, glycoimmunology, protein-carbohydrate interactions, liposomal nanoparticles
Lara Mahal
W3-39B Chemistry Centre - West
(780) 492-5847
Group website
For the past 15 years my laboratory has been at the forefront of creating and utilizing systems-based approaches to decode the glycome, sifting the important signals from the noise.
Sheref Mansy
W5-70C Chemistry Centre
(780) 492-8823
Group website
Prebiotic chemistry of iron-sulfur peptides; synthesis of protocells and artificial cells, the role of metallopeptides in shaping emergent protometabolism.
Arthur Mar
E4-40 Chemistry Centre
(780) 492-5592
Group website
Synthesis, structure, and bonding of intermetallic and Zintl phases; solid-state chemistry of phosphides, arsenides, antimonides, and bismuthides; characterization of electrical and magnetic materials, such as superconductors and ferromagnets
Mark T. McDermott
CCIS 4-256
(780) 492-3687
Group website
Surface modification and microfabrication for improved electroanalytical response, biomolecule microarray development, nanoscience, molecular electronics
Michael Meanwell
W3-39A Chemistry Centre
(780) 492-2868
Group website
Development of organic reactions to facilitate efforts in drug discovery; electrochemical organic synthesis;photoredox catalysis;synthesis of medicinally relevant natural products
Vladimir K. Michaelis
E3-18 Chemistry Centre
(780) 248-5893
Group website
Structural investigation of inorganic and biological materials; developing local and medium range structural techniques; solid-state nuclear magnetic resonance; high field dynamic nuclear polarization; ion dynamics; high temperature synthesis; NMR crystallography; disordered solids; cements
Eric Rivard
CCIS 4-243
(780) 492-4255
Group website
Synthetic inorganic and polymer chemistry; energy, catalysis, and sensing technologies; donor-acceptor stabilization of reactive main group species; ligand design
Lingzi Sang
W3-03A Chemistry Centre
(780) 492-5763
Group website
Analytical spectroscopy; electrochemistry; materials for energy conversion (e.g. organic photoelectronics, Perovskite solar cells) and storage (Li-ion and beyond Li-ion batteries) systems; measurements associated with critical interfaces; multi-disciplinary materials characterization method development; in-situ vibrational spectroscopy and synchrotron X-ray spectroscopy
Michael J. Serpe
W4-03C Chemistry Centre
(780) 492-5778
Group website
Polymer-based photonic materials and sensors, polymer assisted water remediation, triggered/controlled drug delivery, novel micro and nanoparticle synthesis, analytical instrument design, responsive polymers, and nanoscience
Jeffrey M. Stryker
E5-24 Chemistry Centre
(780) 492-3891
Inorganic and electrochemical catalysis.  Sustainable energy.  Catalyst design for the first-row transition metals.  Heterolytic C–H activation, catalytic dehydrogenation of methane (“blue hydrogen”).  Electrocatalytic denitrogenation of basic heterocycles; hydrogen-free electrocatalytic hydrotreatment.  Electrochemical upcycling of bitumen – production of carbon nanomaterials:  production of quantum dots, graphene, and reinforced carbon fibre.  Deep desulfurization. Electrocatalytic synthesis of carbon quantum dots from lignin.  
Rik Tykwinski
W5-03C Chemistry Centre
(780) 492-9529
Group website
Physical organic chemistry, new synthetic methods to carbon-rich molecules (e.g., cumulenes and polyynes, acenes and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons), relationships between chemical structure and molecular reactivity/properties; synthesis of compounds for applications as wires in single-molecule devices, solar cells, TFTs, singlet fission, as well as synthetic model compounds for the asphaltenes
John C. Vederas
W5-39A Chemistry Centre
(780) 492-5475
Group website
Enzyme stereochemistry and mechanism, amino acid metabolism; peptide antibiotics; development of new biophysical methods for metabolic studies; design of new medicinal agents based on enzyme inactivation; polyketide biosynthesis; synthesis of amino acids
Jonathan G. C. Veinot
CCIS 4-254
(780) 492-7206
Group website
Application of inorganic and organometallic chemistry to the development of a rational approach to the design, synthesis, and characterization of novel metal containing polymeric and nanophased materials with applications in the electronic, electro-optic, catalytic, and biomedical sectors
Frederick G. West
W5-70D Chemistry Centre
(780) 492-8187
Group website
Synthesis of biologically important natural and unnatural products; new synthetic methods utilizing domino processes; synthetic photochemistry; asymmetric catalysis; drug delivery
Yunjie Xu
CCIS 4-245
(780) 492-1244
Group website
Chirality and chirality recognition in the gas phase, at metal clusters, and in solution: development and applications of cutting-edge spectroscopic tools including quantum cascade laser based rapid scan technique, cavity ring down spectroscopy, vibrational circular dichroism, Raman optical activity, matrix isolation, and infrared multiphoton dissociation spectroscopy; ab initio and molecular dynamics modelling.
Ran Zhao
W4-03A Chemistry Centre
(780) 492-2315
Group website
Environmental and Atmospheric Chemistry; air pollution; atmospheric particulate matter (e.g., PM2.5); advanced chemical analyses of organic air pollutants; photochemistry of organic pollutants in the environment.