Advanced Research Courses in Chemistry

There are several higher-level research-focused courses for students looking to gain research experience in their undergraduate degree. These opportunities help strengthen research skills in preparation for graduate studies in chemistry or professional placements within the chemistry industry.

The research courses include:

CHEM 299: Research Opportunity Program (ROP) in Chemistry

CHEM 299 is a credit/no-credit course (worth 1.5 credits) for supervised participation in a faculty research project.

Students normally take this course after having completed 30 credits but not more than 60 in a program in the Faculty of Science.

The prerequisites for students taking this course include:

  • a GPA of 2.5 or higher,
  • completion of CHEM 101 or 161 or SCI 100,
  • and consent of the department.

Course Requirements

Students must:

  1. Complete the Safety Training (Fire/Safety/WHMIS) course given by the Department of Chemistry. This course is usually given at the beginning of each term.
  2. Be willing to commit 3 to 4 hours per week to the program.
  3. Attend any demonstrations, seminars, or other meetings required by their supervisor. Students may also be asked to read pertinent background material for lab discussions and/or seminars.
  4. Meet at least once per month with their supervisor.
  5. Attend group discussions with the ROP advisors and ROP students.
  6. Present a short research talk in December and in March or April.

Upon completion of the fall semester, the student's supervisor will complete a written assessment of the student's performance. The supervisor and ROP coordinators will also make a recommendation of credit or no-credit when the assessment is submitted and research talks are completed.

How to Apply for CHEM 299

  • Review the course requirements above.
  • Explore the CHEM 299 project postings. Sign in with your Apps@UAlberta account to view. Projects are still being updated, so please keep checking back.
  • Submit your online application (sign in with your Apps@UAlberta account to access the form).

Please note you will be required to authenticate using your CCID if you are not logged into your Apps@UAlberta account.

Applications open on March 29, 2023, and the deadline to apply is April 30, 2023.


Can it be taken more than once?

Yes, it can be taken twice. A student may wish to apply for two different projects, in two different terms. It may also be possible to continue working in a faculty member's lab on the same project for an additional term, subject to the recommendation of the sponsoring faculty member. This would necessitate registering in a second CHEM 299.

Does CHEM 299 count for degree credit?

Normally, a single term of CHEM 299 (1.5 units of course weight) would count extra to a student's degree. If taken twice (for a total of 3.0 units of course weight) it could be used toward a Chemistry major or minor. It could also be used as an option in Honors or Specialization programs in the Department of Chemistry.

Can I apply for more than one project?

Yes. In fact, you will have to indicate your top 5 choices of faculty member with whom you'd like to work. Assignments will be made based on trying to find a match between your choices and the faculty's choices of whom they'd like to have in their lab.

How can I increase my chances of getting a CHEM 299 research position?

Ensure that your application is complete. Carefully fill out your application ensuring that all information is accurate. Attach a complete resume.

Can I have a supervisor who is not in Chemistry?

Only if that person has an adjunct appointment in Chemistry. All Chemistry 299 projects must be offered by faculty members in the Department of Chemistry. As well, there may not be co-supervisors in other departments.

CHEM 399: Research Experience in Chemistry

CHEM 399 is a credit/no-credit course where students can participate in active chemistry research projects under the direction of a departmental researcher or faculty member.

Credits for this course count as science options in every chemistry program, and credits can be obtained up to four times.

Note: this course cannot be taken concurrently with CHEM 401 or 403.

Course Requirements

Before students can successfully enrol in CHEM 399, they must:

  • Apply for the course
  • Meet with a potential supervisor to discuss expectations, lab work, hours, etc.
  • Receive departmental permission to take the course
  • Have 9 credits in 200-level chemistry or 3 credits in 300-level chemistry

How to Apply for CHEM 399

  1. Download and print this application form and fill it out.
  2. Print a copy of your unofficial transcript.
  3. Take the application and transcript to your research supervisor for their review and signature.
  4. Submit PDFs of the completed form and your transcript to

Contact information

For more information regarding the course, the application process, registration or credit transfers, or any other concerns that may arise, please contact Chemistry undergraduate student services at

CHEM 401: Introduction to Chemical Research

CHEM 401 introduces students to methods of chemical research by having them complete investigatory work under the direction of a departmental researcher.

Course Requirements:

The prerequisite to enrol in CHEM 401 is a 300-level chemistry course and consent of the Course Coordinators.

To successfully complete this course, students must:

  • submit the results of the research to the Department as a report which will be graded,
  • make an oral presentation of their work to the Department.

Students in their fourth year of Honors or Specialization Chemistry should consult with the Course Coordinator four months prior to starting the course.

How to Apply for CHEM 401

To receive consent from the Course Coordinator to enrol in the course, students must complete an application.

To apply, students must:

  1. Download and print this application form and fill it out.
  2. Print a copy of your unofficial transcript.
  3. Take the application form and transcrip to your research supervisor for their review and signature.
  4. Submit PDFs of the completed form and transcript to

Contact information

For information regarding CHEM 401 and 403, please contact the Course Coordinators at

CHEM 403: Chemical Research

CHEM 403 is another research placement course where students complete investigatory work under the direction of a member of the Department.

Course Requirements

The prerequisite for CHEM 403 is CHEM 401.

The requirements to successfully complete CHEM 403 are the same as for CHEM 401, i.e. students will submit the results of their research as a report to the Department for grading and present their findings to the Department in an oral presentation.

Application instructions for CHEM 403

If you are continuing in the same group as for your CHEM 401 placement, no application is necessary. If you will be working in a new group, under a new supervisor, fill out the same application form as for CHEM 401 and submit as per the instructions for CHEM 401.

Contact information

For information regarding CHEM 401 and 403, please contact the Course Coordinator, Professor Vladimir Michaelis, at