How is the Credit/No Credit grade for CHEM 300 determined?

CHEM 300 students will maintain a course journal, prepare a resume and do a mock job interview.  Credit for the course is based these elements and the student’s overall engagement in the course.

CHEM 300 is only worth 1.5 credits.  How do I get to a full 3 credits?

CHEM 300 can be combined in your program with other 1.5 credit courses such as the CHEM 299 research opportunity, SCI 299 Science Citizenship, or Dance Activity classes (DAC 155, 160 or 197).

Is there a final exam in CHEM 300?

No.  There is a final mock job interview, but this interview is not a pass/fail exam.  Rather the interview is practice at this important step in your future career.  

Are there jobs for chemists?  If, so with which companies?

Yes there are jobs for chemists with a wide variety of companies in the Edmonton area and across Canada.  As to with which companies and how you find these companies...for that you will have to enroll in the course.

I am not able to enroll in the course.  Can I still attend the industrial presentations and tours?

All CHEM 300 presentations are open to all undergraduate, graduate students and faculty.  Please attend.  Non-CHEM 300 students may participate in tours, space permitting.  A nominal transportation fee is required.

What is the format of the mock interview?

The mock interviews are not for a real job, but are meant to be like the real experience of interviewing for a job.  So the participating employers use what ever format their company typically uses.  Talking to the CHEM 300 students that applied for different jobs gives a wealth of insight into the variety of styles that job interviews can take.