Asia Maritime Security Forum

2015 Maritime Banne

2015 Asia Maritime Security Forum

Can the Interests of Coastal States and User States be Reconciled?

Both the Arctic and the South China Sea have for decades garnered the attention of the international community for various reasons including geopolitical, strategic and security considerations, resource competition as well as multiple sovereignty and maritime claims. The prospect of the disappearance of Arctic sea ice along with recent political developments in the South China Sea raise the risk of new rounds of competition, and inject elements of uncertainty into security collaboration in both regions.
After hosting the first Forum in Edmonton, 2011, and Beijing, 2014, the Canada-China Maritime Study Group is bringing the third Forum to Canada's capital to focus on the maritime issues in East Asia. In collaboration with the Institute for China-America Studies, and the National Institute for South China Sea Studies the China Institute will be hosting the 3rd East Asia Maritime Security Forum: Can the Interests of Coastal States and User States in East Asia be Reconciled?" This important event will be held on November 13, 2015 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.