Computing Science

About the Department

Founded in 1964, the Department of Computing Science at the University of Alberta is the oldest and one of the largest computing science departments in Canada. We have an international reputation for contributions in the many fields of computing, both in foundations and applications.

The Department currently consists of 42 faculty members, approximately 200 graduate students, 25 post-doctoral fellows and research associates, 500 undergraduate students and 10 administrative staff. Our research partners come from a wide variety of industries and other academic disciplines.

We offer courses and research opportunities in several disciplines, including Artificial Intelligence, Database Systems, Computer Games, Machine Learning, Robotics, Software Engineering, Man-Machine Interfaces, Bioinformatics, Communication Networks, Algorithmics, Computer Graphics, and Computer Vision

Undergraduate Program

Our flexible undergraduate degree permits students to choose programs of study that range from an intense focus on the core aspects of computing science, to explorations of interdisciplinary connections with other fields. We also offer an honors program that encourages talented and motivated students to work with the Department to design their own path.

Graduate Program

We have received numerous accolades for the work done by our faculty, some of the brightest minds in North America. As one of the top research-intensive computing science departments in Canada, it is an excellent place to pursue graduate studies.

Explore Computing Science (K-12)

The Department is committed to a growing K-12 outreach program that includes summer camps for all ages, and internships for high school students. Check out Explore CS for more information.


Members of the Computing Science Department have received national and international recognition, a point of pride for our department, and also a testament to the support, facilities and opportunities available at the University of Alberta’s Department of Computing Science.

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