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This is the current graduate course directory for 2018-19 (subject to change). Click on the title of a course for a more detailed overview.

Graduate Courses 2018-19

Course Number




CMPUT 500Foundations of Prog Analysis ★3Karim AliWinter
CMPUT 501Software Quality ★3Sarah NadiWinter
CMPUT 511Topics in Computer Graphics ★3Herb YangFall
CMPUT 563Probabilistic Graphical Models ★3Russ GreinerFall
CMPUT 566Introduction to Machine Learning ★3Martha White
Russ Greiner
CMPUT 603Teaching and Research Methods ★3Janelle HarmsFall
CMPUT 605Individual Study ★3N/AFall
CMPUT 608Video and Applications ★3Anup BasuFall
CMPUT 609Reinforcement Learning in Artificial Intelligence ★3Rich SuttonWinter
CMPUT 616Fundamentals of Medical Imaging ★3Pierre BoulangerFall
CMPUT 641Performance Evaluation: Wireless Networking ★3Ehab ElmallahWinter
CMPUT 644Cyberphysical Systems ★3Omid ArdakanianFall
CMPUT 650Natural Language Processing ★3Greg KondrakFall
CMPUT 651Artificial General Intelligence & A-life ★3Vadim BulitkoFall
CMPUT 652Machine Learning and the Brain ★3Alona FysheFall
CMPUT 652Single-Agent Search ★3Nathan SturtevantWinter
CMPUT 654Modeling Strategic Behavior ★3James WrightWinter
CMPUT 655Exploration and Learning in Games ★3Martin MuellerWinter
CMPUT 663Machine Learning Applied: Software Engineering ★3Abram HindleWinter
CMPUT 664e-Learning, Adaptation, & Analytics ★3Carrie Demmans EppWinter
CMPUT 670An Intro to Combinatorial Game Theory ★3Ryan HaywardWinter
CMPUT 675Computational Complexity Theory ★3Zachary FriggstadWinter
CMPUT 680Machine Learning in Optimizing Compilers ★3Nelson AmaralFall
CMPUT 690Data Mining from Complex Data ★3Osmar ZaianeWinter
CMPUT 692Managing Big Text Data ★3Davood RafieiFall
CMPUT 701Capstone ★6Choose your ownFall