Canadian Wind Turbine Database shows us where the wind power in Canada comes from

Catherine Tays - 23 October 2020

A line of wind turbines in a field with mountains behind at the horizon

The location and details of every wind turbine in Canada are now right at your fingers.

William Noel knows wind power - and specifically where to find it. A Masters student in Engineering, he's been working with Future Energy Systems researchers Andrew Leach and Tim Weis on identifying the location and specifications of every wind turbine in Canada. 

The work resulted in the publication of the Canadian Wind Turbine Database through Natural Resources Canada. As well as the precise longitude and latitude for each turbine, other details include characteristics like dimensions, power output, manufacturer, and the date it was commissioned.

An interactive map is available to explore all the information available. 

This milestone was covered in an article published today in the National Observer, where you can learn more about the state of the Canadian wind sector. 


To learn more about the project Economic Policy and the Future Electricity Grid, click here.