Equity, Diversity, and Inclusivity

Energy Systems Signature Area Official Statement

Diverse researchers are working together on improving energy systems across campus.

Energy Systems Signature Area is focused on leading the energy transition with a vision of optimal, fair, and environmentally responsible energy systems. Achieving this vision will rely on the research of many individuals across many fields, contributing to an interdisciplinary, intersectional environment where progress and pursuit of knowledge comes first, free from personal, social, or political bias.

New knowledge with enhanced value and veracity will be more readily acquired when a diverse group, sharing different experiences and expertise, collaborate in its pursuit. Doors can be opened, unconsidered possibilities pursued, and intractable problems addressed in new ways. Energy Systems actively and enthusiastically supports all who pursue and contribute to seeking that knowledge. 

Equity, diversity, and inclusivity (EDI) are important aspects of this vision for progress. Energy Systems envisions EDI being understood and reframed as a concept; not as efforts separate from our work, but as central components of effective, high-quality research. As the ES community pursues a deeper understanding of EDI in research, we expand relevant knowledge and strategies, and better support all our members. 

Energy Systems requires all personnel to support the creation and maintenance of safe spaces for all individuals. An environment where all can feel included, valued, and open to participation is critical to ensuring equity for all. As all persons are granted equal opportunities, creativity, innovation, and personal and professional achievements flourish.

Energy Systems accepts and supports personnel based on the merit of their achievements and proposals, unencumbered by prejudice based in race, gender, disability, culture, sexual orientation, religion, or any other personal characteristics. Our policy includes just and unbiased hiring, supervision, and mentorship, with all reasonable accommodations. An environment where open, frank, well-intentioned discussion can take place without fear of reprisal, is central to this vision. Principal investigators, co-investigators, and supervisors must be open to their personnel to discuss EDI matters, and work with them to ensure a safe working space.

Energy Systems sponsored or operated events will accommodate all personnel as feasible. This includes: accessibility for persons with disabilities, dietary considerations for catered events, and flexible scheduling for those with religious doctrines (e.g. regular prayer or days of rest) or other personal or social responsibilities. 

Energy Systems supports the physical and mental health of all personnel. All necessary medical treatments, including those specific to mental health, will be supported by supervisors. When such matters are disclosed, information will remain confidential at the discretion of the individual. Individuals will not be disadvantaged, mistreated, or stigmatized for efforts to support their ongoing good health. 

Through following these basic tenets of equity, diversity, and inclusivity, Energy Systems will support development of safe spaces for all to participate. We invite all to join us as we reframe EDI as a central pillar in our research path forward.

Progress should include everyone, and Energy Systems welcomes feedback and participation in this important area. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about EDI within the Energy Systems sphere, we welcome all to contact Dr. Catherine Tays, EDI Lead and become involved.