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Learn more about energy research at the University of Alberta, starting with our leading research program, Future Energy Systems.

Explore the energy systems research happening at the University of Alberta, and get to know the researchers who are behind it!

With so many different formats, there's sure to be something to catch your eye. From 3 minute introductions to research topics to full-length public lectures, here's where to find all the digital energy research content happening under the Energy Systems umbrella.

Whether you're interested in renewables or hydrocarbons, societal impacts or technologies, we've got you covered with our exciting digital content.


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Ask an Energy Expert

Have a burning question about energy? Our past, present or energy future? Submit your questions and energy experts respond.

Bite Size Research

To keep it easily digestible, Energy Systems researchers share their work in under 10 minutes.

Energy at Home

Activities for kids to learn about how our energy systems work.

Energy Talks

Presented in collaboration with the Edmonton Public Library, Energy Systems researchers give presentations on the energy issues challenging our society today, and how their research can help address them.

Explore a Lab

We may not be able to see them in person, but that doesn’t mean we can’t explore U of A’s exciting labs.


Find out how Energy Systems research is making waves.


Let your children learn about the wonderful world of energy with this series of children's books readings. Many are accompanied with learning extension activities for various grade levels.

Stay tuned! More exciting content coming soon.