Find A Job

Employers looking to hire University of Alberta Engineering students and alumni frequently advertise their openings in campusBRIDGE - check it regularly to see the latest opportunities.

Launching a career is hard work. Your goal when looking for a job is to find a role that allows you to develop your skills, gain experience, grow your career, build your network, and have an impact. The easiest way to achieve this is to start developing your career plan and incorporate strategic approaches into your job search. Learn what strategic approaches are — and how to use them effectively — by working through the Engineering Your Career series of handouts available in the Resource Vault.

Here’s a few tips to get you started:

Be in the Know

To stay up-to-date on recruitment, networking, and professional development events targeting University of Alberta Engineering students, sign up for ENGG Career News

Leverage LinkedIn by joining over 4,700 members in the University of Alberta Engineering Career Connections group, following the Faculty of Engineering, University of Alberta page, and joining the ENGGYAC group.

Get Involved

One of the most valuable things you can do to make yourself competitive in the job market is to get involved and build your network with intention. Whether your involvement focuses on engineering projects, community engagement, design competitions, hackathons, athletics, creative arts, or leadership doesn't matter. The important thing is to connect with groups that interest you and align with your career goals, and also help you develop your soft and/or technical skills all while building your network.

Numerous opportunities exist both on and off campus: find ideas on our Get Involved page.

Leverage Workshops & Resources

To develop the skills needed to conduct an effective job search, learn more about developing your professional network, how to access the hidden job market, and make the most of a career fair, check out campusBRIDGE for upcoming workshops offered by the U of A Career Centre and watch our Events Calendar.

Find helpful tips on everything from career planning to resumes, cover letters, interviews, networking, and more in the Resource Vault.

Build Your Network

In today's rapidly evolving world, networking plays an ever-more important role in an engineering student's career exploration, job search, professional growth and career advancement. 

Networking is the process of initiating and building authentic, meaningful relationships with individuals with the aim of mutual support, advice and knowledge sharing. Your goal as an engineering student is to invest time in developing a network with intention + maintain and grow it to facilitate a smooth progression from your academic studies to your career. For insights and resources to help you: leverage existing connections, develop a professional network that aligns with your career aspirations, and build an effective career brand visit our Resource Vault.

Ready to network? Find networking opportunities on our events calendar.

Use VMock to Improve Your Resume

Effective May 12, 2022, eligible engineering students can access VMock, a virtual resume review tool, to see how their resume complies with best practices and stacks up against the relevant UAlberta benchmark.

Instructions on accessing VMock and answers to frequently asked questions about it can be found on our VMock page in the Resource Vault.

Plan Your Job Search

As with any project, planning is the key to a organizing a successful job search. Lay the foundation of your search by researching companies of interest to you, and connect with individuals within those organizations who can answer your questions and tell you more about the company. Take advantage of on-campus events, such as employer information sessions and career fairs, to tap into the hidden job market and network with potential employers.

For best practices on conducting an effective job search be sure to work through the Engineering Your Career series of handouts available in our Resource Vault.

Start Looking Early & Keep Yourself Organized

Late August is the best time to start looking for a summer job or new grad position, as fall is the peak recruitment period for companies looking to hire university talent. While companies do advertise positions year-round, many large organizations complete their hiring by November, so start your search early to avoid missing out on many great opportunities.

Keeping accurate and complete records of all your networking and job search activities is important. To help you with tracking the who, what, when, where, and why of your search, and any required follow-ups, check out the Engineering Career Connections: Job Search Tracker tool in the Resource Vault.

Attend a Career Fair

To explore the career path options that your engineering degree makes possible - and learn more about companies, what it would be like to work for them, and what they look for when they hire - participate in the Career Centre’s annual Careers Day and Engineering Students’ Society’s annual Engineering Career Fair.

To help you prepare for the upcoming events, check out the tips and sample questions in the Resource Vault. 

Access Online Resources

Online job boards and employment databases are continually being updated: make it a habit to check campusBRIDGE and other employment websites regularly to stay on top of the latest opportunities. Many positions are filled before the posted application deadline — be sure to apply early so your application is considered!

Not sure where to look? The Engineering Your Career: Access Helpful Resources page in the Resource Vault includes over 130 websites with information on Career Planning, Industry Info, Networking, Job Postings, Salary, and Job Search Resources.

Given the current economy, we also recommend that you check the websites of your top 10-20 companies on a weekly basis — or better yet, send them an unsolicited resume and cover letter that communicates your interest and lets them know what you can do for them.

Schedule an Advising Appointment at the U of A Career Centre

To support you in your job search, the U of A Career Centre offers four types of advising appointments:

  • Career Advising
  • LinkedIn Profile Critique
  • Mock Interview
  • Resume, CV, Cover Letter, and Application Critiques

Visit the Career Centre to learn more about their offerings and how to schedule an appointment.

 Last Update: November 10, 2023