Engineering Co-op eConnect

Engineering Co-op eConnect is a resource to support students as they start new work terms. This resource provides students with information about the region in which they will be working, and a communication forum for students working in the same geographic location.

The communication forum enables students to share accommodation ideas, seek out roommates, carpool, and connect with each other to establish a local community of support.

Information shared on Co-op eConnect, including email addresses and other contact information, is restricted to the purpose of connecting with each other in a professional capacity. Use of this resource is governed by the University of Alberta Information Technology Use and Management Policy.

Accessing Engineering Co-op eConnect

To access Engineering Co-op Connect, students must first be registered for their work term and placed in a work term placement for that term.

Engineering Co-op eConnect is accessible through eClass as a University of Alberta credit course.

eClass Technical Support

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Last update: March 8, 2021