Recruitment Regulations

Important: Please read the Student COVID-19 FAQ for information on recruitment accommodations made to account for the impact of COVID-19 on co-op recruitment and employment for the Summer 2020.

Students who utilize the placement services provided through the Engineering Co-op Department must follow certain recruitment process regulations. The Department may withdraw its recruiting services from students who, without just cause, violate the established regulations. In these cases, students would be expected to find their own employment. Decisions on such matters are at the discretion of the Associate Dean, Student and Co-op Services.

  • Resumes must meet the content, format, and typographical quality criteria discussed in the orientation course (ENGG 299). Students may wish to review their resume with their coordinator.
  • Critical dates in any recruitment period are listed in the "Student Calendar" available from the Department. Students are required to observe all deadlines.
  • Students who have offers of rehire from a previous employer must accept or reject these offers prior to competing for jobs listed through the Department.
  • All applications for jobs listed through the Department must follow the usual process whereby interested students submit their resume to the Department.
  • The Department, during any recruitment period, may impose a limit on the number of applications each student may submit. Information on application limits is posted at the Department and is included on web page bulletins. No application limits apply on late postings.
  • Except in those instances where students have already accepted offers, students must select an interview time and attend all interviews granted to them as a result of the submission of their resumes through the Department. Failure to schedule or attend an interview without just cause may result in students being required to obtain their own employment.
  • The Co-op Department reserves the right to establish rules and regulations for students regarding interviews, rankings, and job offers. This may include restrictions on number of jobs that can be rejected or not ranked and/or restrictions on whether a student may decline to be ranked on a job after the interview (students must contact the Co-op office within 24 hours after the interview). These policies are available from the Department.
  • Personal plans which may affect a student's availability and job performance, eg. part time jobs, vacation, courses, etc., must be discussed with an employer in the interview. Barring academic or serious personal problems, students are expected to fulfill the employment commitment made in accepting an offer.
  • A student who is experiencing problems in the work term or who has special circumstances that arise which affect his or her ability to complete the work term, should contact their coordinator. Students must contact the Co-op Office prior to leaving a job before the negotiated end date for any reason.
  • Early in each work term, all students must submit their own employment information with the Department to facilitate work term evaluation. This information must be completed in PlacePro and should be submitted the first week the student is on the job.
  • If a student has commenced a work term and is subsequently asked to withdraw from the faculty, the employer is notified and has the option of continuing or terminating the employment. Students terminated on this basis may be responsible for reimbursement of any relocation allowances.
  • Co-op students are normally expected to complete twenty months of work experience to qualify for graduation from the co-op program. This requires that students be employed for all five work terms. A student who is not employed at the beginning of a work term is expected to continue to actively pursue employment. Such students should be in contact with their coordinator on a weekly basis.
  • Economic conditions may make it impossible for some students to obtain suitable employment during any four-month work term. Each of these cases is reviewed and when circumstances warrant, steps are taken to offset the impact of this lack of employment on the student's program.
  • Co-op students are required to submit a work term report on an assigned topic each work term. Failure to submit a satisfactory report will result in a grade of Fail for that work term.


Last Update: June 30. 2020