Resequencing and Transferring out of the Co-op Program

Program Resequencing Rules and Considerations

Students please note the following:

  • It is not recommended to deviate from the academic program sequence to which you were admitted. A program resequence will only occur in certain circumstances upon consultation with the Co-op Office. In some cases students will be required to resequence, such as if you have not conducted a job search and the Associate Dean has informed you that you must resequence.
  • Deviating from your original co-op/academic schedule may result in a delay in your graduation. The onus lies with the student to investigate and understand all possible impacts to your academic schedule and course scheduling for any changes requested. Students will complete a Resequence Form as part of the work term sequence change process.
  • Academic courses are not offered in every semester, and certain courses require prerequisites or corequisites. Use Bear Tracks, the University Calendar, and Program Planners to inform your planning. The U of A Course Catalogue provides information about when courses are typically offered, but this is subject to change in future terms.
  • Departments are not obligated to provide access to courses for students completing a program outside of standard sequence. Approval to resequence your work terms does not equate to a guarantee of registration in academic courses that do not follow your original sequence.
  • You may choose to consult with academic advisors before completing the Resequence Form and/or agreeing to co-op employment that deviates from your original schedule. You will be expected to present a thoroughly researched plan and also demonstrate your understanding that course offerings may change from year to year. A basic program check will be conducted.
  • In some instances, due to capstone projects and fourth year requirements, students are required to complete the fourth year of their degree program in two consecutive academic terms, i.e. Academic 7 immediately followed by Academic 8 (in the same academic year). Investigate this in relation to your program.
  • In order to graduate with co-op standing, you must have successfully completed five work terms (four in some cases) with at least two different seasons of the three seasons (summer, fall, winter). The Co-op Office will review your resequence request to ensure it meets the following:
    • Complete Academic term 4 before work term 2
    • Complete Academic term 5 before work term 3
    • Complete Academic term 6 before work term 5
    • Complete Academic term 6 prior to doing a 12 month employment term (while Engineering Physics and Electrical Nano are not in compliance with this, no other exceptions will be made)
    • The maximum length of a work term is 12 months. 4 work terms back-to-back are not permitted
    • Your final term prior to graduation must be an academic, i.e. a “study” term (e.g. Academic 8).

Transferring out of the Co-op Program

To transfer out of the Co-op Program, please refer to Changing Programs.

Under exceptional circumstances students may be permitted to transfer between the Co-op Program and the Traditional Program. Students seeking such a transfer should consult with the Director or the Associate Dean, Student Services, Co-op and Career Connections.

Last Update: June 21, 2022