Summer Camps

2022 Summer Camps

DiscoverE has delivered fun and engaging summer camps to youth in Edmonton since 1993. Campers will learn engineering, science and technology concepts through exciting hands-on projects and demonstrations. Our instructors are University of Alberta students who act as mentors in higher education. Some of our instructors were originally DiscoverE campers themselves!

Our Edmonton camps are run at University of Alberta's North Campus. Camp hours are from 9:00am to 4:00pm and early drop-off occurs from 8:30am to 9:00am while late pick-up is from 4:00pm to 4:30pm. All camps cost $325, except for weeks with a statutory holiday ($275). Partial and full bursaries are available to youth in need (check out our bursaries page for more information). Our camps are designed for the stated grade ranges - please do not register your child in a camp outside their grade range. The grades listed indicate the grade starting in the fall.

To register, please fill out our summer camp registration form.

Camp Themes

We have three main camp themes this summer: Chemical & Materials Engineering, Electrical & Computer Engineering and Robotics.

Chemical & Materials Engineering

Fire! Water! Air! Soil! Materials and chemical reactions exist all around us. Discover how Chemical and Materials Engineers create physical and chemical changes to help us live better.

Example Projects

Grade 1: Did you know that by using chemical and material engineering you can turn a regular egg into a glowing bouncy ball? Campers will learn how to create their very own glowing, bouncing egg in this camp!

Grades 2-3: Did you know it takes up to 450 years for plastic to decompose? Campers will learn how chemical engineers are reducing plastic waste using bioplastic. They will then make their very own using household items!

Grades 4-5: How do we use chemical engineering to help our environment? Campers will learn how to use chemical engineering to clean up an oil spill using the power of polymers!

Grades 6-7: Forget blowing on your hands or rubbing them together to keep them warm. Warn your hands with the power of chemical engineering! Campers will create their own DIY hand warmer using an exothermic reaction!

Grades 8-9: Over 884 million people don't have access to clean water. Deepika Kurup, a Harvard student, used chemical engineering to invent a photocatalytic water filter. Campers will learn about water filters and build their very own!

Electrical & Computer Engineering

We use electronics and computers every day! Electronics and computers help us do many things, from playing games to solving complex equations. Discover how Electrical and Computer Engineers use electricity and computers to improve our world!

Example Projects

Grade 1: How do we tell robots what to do? Campers will learn how to program a Botley robot to go through an obstacle course!

Grades 2-3: Miners cannot work in the dark now can they? Campers will learn about circuits by making their very own miner's headlamps!

Grades 4-5: Let's have a dance party! Campers will create their very own DIY dance pad using electrical engineering!

Grades 6-7: How do we make computers that can see and hear? Learn about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how it helps us understand our own brains. Campers will then train their own AI!

Grades 8-9: Use electrical engineering to create your own electrical dream house! Campers will learn how electrical engineers design, model and build prototypes in this fun project!


Robotics can help us do amazing things! Robots can travel to distant planets, build cars and even have conversations with people. Learn about new discoveries and the principles of robotics by building your very own with LEGO Education SPIKETM!

Example Projects

Grades 4-5: Can robots play baseball? Build a robot that can pitch and hit a baseball using an ultrasonic sensor!

Grades 6-7: How do you make a robot break dance? Campers will learn about robotic principles and how to create their break dancing robot!

Grades 8-9: A robot skateboarding? Learn how to make a robot skateboard and move like a human!

Camp Schedule

Please note:
= Spots available, Blank space = No camp that week, and Grey dot = Camp is full

If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact our office.

Email Notifications

We send out important information regarding your registration in our Welcome Package around one week in advance of your camp. Your camper's sign-in/sign-out QR code will be emailed one business day prior to the start of camp. Please check your spam folder to ensure you don't miss these emails. If you unsubscribe, we will be unable to send you any information.


Campers will need to bring their own lunches and snacks every day. In order to minimize any allergic reactions, we ask that campers refrain from bringing any nut products for lunch or snack.

COVID-19 Information

Our number one priority is to keep our campers safe. With that in mind, we have a few changes to how our program is run this year:

  • DiscoverE will have a reduced number of campers in the classroom (up to 16)
  • DiscoverE will follow all U of A guidelines for campus safety. To see what are the current guidelines, check out the Information for Visitors website.

SICk Campers

In order to ensure the health and safety of all DiscoverE campers and staff, we reserve the right to send sick campers home. Any camper displaying flu-like or COVID-like symptoms including headache, chills, cough followed by fever, loss of appetite, nausea, diarrhea, muscle aches and fatigue, runny nose, watery eyes and sore throat may be asked to leave camp. When symptoms are first noticed, the instructors will notify parents and disclose our sick campers policy. The camper will usually be allowed to remain at camp, likely in the sick bay for the rest of the work day until the parent/guardian can pick them up. If the camper returns to camp the following day and continues to display symptoms of a contagious virus, DiscoverE will phone the parent and ask them to remove the camper and withdraw from camp for the remainder of the week. If DiscoverE sends a camper home, please contact us by phone or email to discuss a refund.


At DiscoverE, we work hard to ensure that we can meet the needs of our campers. To ensure that we can support your camper, we ask that you contact us about any exceptionality your camper may have so we can create a safe and healthy environment. However, if we are unable to meet their specialized needs, we may not be able to provide them the necessary care they require. If you have any concerns or questions, please contact us at (780) 492-8779, or by email at

Refund Policy

Please notify DiscoverE of any cancellations at least two weeks before the start date of the camp week in which your child is registered. DiscoverE will reimburse the registration fee. Cancellations made less than two weeks before the scheduled week will be charged with a processing fee of $75. Please note that there is no reimbursement for campers who cancel or withdraw during their scheduled camp week.

If your camper tests positive for COVID-19 during their camp, please contact us by phone or email to discuss refund options.


In the event of an incident or emergency, DiscoverE staff will follow a four step process for caring for your camper:

  1. In emergencies, instructors will contact 911
  2. Camp instructors will perform necessary first aid as required (all of our staff are certified in First Aid and CPR-C)
  3. A DiscoverE staff member will call the camper’s guardian to inform them of the incident
  4. A DiscoverE staff member will fill out an Incident Report. A copy of this report will be sent to the camper’s Guardian
  5. DiscoverE staff will follow up as necessary


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