We've Re-Engineered for You

Welcome to Engineering at Alberta

We are living in unusual times and you are likely wondering what’s in store in terms of a university experience. Faculty and staff have been working diligently since we moved online in March to re-engineer our extraordinary student experience for the virtual world that is now our daily reality. Student learning and experience have always been our priority and that hasn’t changed. 



Welcome to Engineering at Alberta

It’s a new season and a new reality, but we will still be building the future – with you.



Interaction in Online Learning

You’re wondering what virtual learning will be like. It will be different in some ways, but much the same in others. Pierre explains.



We are in this together

Associate Professor Carlos Cruz has been in your shoes and knows how to make the most of the virtual learning experience.



What you need to know

There are a few things you want to become familiar with before starting as a student, and this year that doesn’t mean finding buildings or classrooms or the shortest distance between your classes. What it does mean is getting familiar with the technology – eClass, Zoom, and Google Meet. Your professors will be using a combination of these tools to connect with you. You’ll also want to stay up-to-date on information about the university’s response to COVID.



Still have questions?

Get in touch with an Advisor

Prospective and Incoming High School Students:

Email engginfo@ualberta.ca

Current and Transfer Students:

Email enggadvising@ualberta.ca


When a weekend just isn't long enough

Welcome to Alumni Week 2020

We wish you were here, at the place where it all began, the place where we changed our lives. Our time together here was the Beginning of Anything. We struggled and we achieved. We forged friendships that last a lifetime. We can’t be together in person, but we still wanted to give you a taste of Alumni Weekend - online.



Candid Camera:

Engineering is science, but living it is an art. Four alumni talk about navigating careers and values.

Watch the video



Family Fun with

Your whole family can try a new Science Literacy Week experiment every day, and order curriculum-based engineering activity boxes for the kids.

Explore DiscoverE



a page-turner

It was the Beginning of Anything: Born to Build tells the stories of our faculty and alumni from 1906 to 2018. Request your free copy today!

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Class of 1970

There were 267 graduates from Engineering in 1970. They were lucky to have the Tuck Shop during their entire time on campus - mmmm cinnamon buns. After 1970 the Tuck Shop was no more.




Class of 1960

1960 marked the first year of Mechanical Engineering Graduates. There were 21 out of a class of 234.




Class of 1945

Engineering had 50 graduates in 1945. Three of them are planning a Reunion on Zoom later this month! Would love to be a fly on that wall.


You’re the Top of the Class!

Friendships we formed here last a lifetime. And every year a new group of Class Organizers brings us back together. On behalf of our 33,211 alumni: THANK YOU.




Take a tour of the Elko Engineering Garage

Makerspaces like the Elko Engineering Garage give the next generation of Engineers hands-on learning opportunities with leading edge tools and the support of mentors.