Where anything is possible.

We live in a world where everyone tends to honour the results and focus on the successes. The spotlight always shines on the accomplishments, when all of the hard work is said and done.

Here, we take the time to honour the process and focus on the first steps. This is a place that uncovers the unknown. Where ideas take the stage and possibility runs the show. This is where you’ll find more when you get lost. We train people to embrace curiosity, providing state-of-the-art facilities, award-winning faculty and support that enhances exploration.

Engineering at Alberta sets the stage for anything. And the beginning of anything begins here.


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Engineering at Alberta offers 21 fully accredited undergraduate degrees and a wide range of graduate degrees. Your beginning starts here.

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As a member of our alumni family, you always have a place at your school, inextricably connected to more than 30,000 engineering alumni worldwide.

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Partnerships between Engineering at Alberta, industry, and engineering professionals enrich the learning and research programs within the faculty, while connecting industry with the latest engineering knowledge and research.

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DIG deeper into the stories from Engineering at Alberta. DISCOVER how we continue to drive progress with purpose. And LEARN more about the instrumental role our professors, students, and alumni have played in some of the most important engineering discoveries of our time.

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Our vision is to be the most daring engineering community on the planet. We are engineers united by our unwavering dedication to solving the world’s greatest challenges and building a better future for society. We are: Driven. Trailblazing. Curious. Supportive. Grounded. Considerate.

We are Engineering at Alberta.