Convocation ‘22: Archit Siby, BSc in Computer Engineering Co-op - Software Option

Finding creative freedom in software development

Donna McKinnon - 22 November 2022


Passionate about complex problem solving, Archit Siby was drawn to software engineering because of the creative freedom and autonomy it offered. 

Choosing the computer engineering department at the U of A because of its strong machine learning research, Archit is now working as a software developer with the same company where he completed his co-op terms. 

Congratulations Archit! 

What led you to choose your current area of study, and why the U of A for your studies?

I have always been interested in problem solving, so engineering seemed like the obvious route. Software engineering offers both creative freedoms and the ability to create something all by yourself. And also, the U of A is known for their machine learning research and their strong computer science education.

What is one of your favourite memories from your time at the U of A?

It is definitely the NASA Hackathon in which our team was able to solve a complex problem involving multiple other academic fields.

Did you take on any leadership roles while you were a student? 

Yes, from 2019-2020 I was the VP External for the Computer Engineering Club. It was great working with my peers to improve resources available to students searching for help in studies and work. 

Did you face any significant obstacles or challenges during your program, and if so, how did you respond?

I faced various issues including difficulties with studies and finding job opportunities. I was blessed to have good friends, professors and advisors help me through these years.

What advice do you have for current and future students?

My advice is to be consistent in everything you do. It will help with everything in the long run.

How do you plan on celebrating convocation?

I plan to visit my family back home since they supported me through this journey.

What's next after graduation?

I've already started full time as a software developer with the same company that I had done my co-op terms with — Willowglen Systems.