The Master of Engineering 

Prepare to take the next step in your career

Engineering at Alberta, at the University of Alberta, is consistently one of the best ranked faculties of engineering at one of the top institutions. The university has consistently been in the 5th top ranked universities in Canada (Academic Ranking of World Universities). There is a very large concentration of engineering industries in Alberta with many employment opportunities. Alberta has the highest density of engineers per capita – it is a world class knowledge economy. In Edmonton, there are many manufacturing, energy/oil & gas, and construction companies that are potential employers of our MEng graduates. 

MEng Programs Benefits

Master of Engineering (MEng) course-based programs are valuable for engineers at any career stage wishing to supplement their technical, managerial and leadership skill set. For more information about employment opportunities, various employment fact sheets are found here.

The benefits to all participants are:

  • Gaining unique experience learning from some of the top minds in their fields and an opportunity to train in their internationally renowned facilities.
  • Gaining practical Alberta-focused projects that prepare participants to demonstrate their skills and knowledge to potential employers
  • Program Learning Outcomes are inline with Engineers Canada competencies
  • Unique Enhanced Delivery Mode Programs that can be completed while working full time or away from campus if needed
  • Professional development hours that count towards yearly professional requirements
  • Simple admission process. No need to find a supervisor.
  • Have access to the Engineering Employment Center resources (job postings, workshops, networking opportunities, career fairs)

The MEng programs provide the following benefits to international students:

  • The Post-Graduation Work Permit Program (PGWPP) allows students who have graduated from eligible Canadian designated learning institutions (DLIs) to obtain an open work permit to gain valuable Canadian work experience
  • Academic credentials recognized by Alberta licensing organization (APEGA) if your undergraduate program is in a foreign engineering program



MEng Program Outlines

  • Offering of these programs depends on COVID restrictions in place
  • 1-2  years MEng programs offered in all disciplines
  • In person or possibly mixed delivery
  • Program requirements:
    • 8-9 courses and a capstone project
    • Career development through Individual Development Plan and 12 hours of professional development
    • Ethics requirements
    • Safety training
  • Typical workload of 3 hrs of lectures equivalent and assignments per course per week.
  • Course information is found in the University of Alberta Calendar
  • Courses available in person depend on availability and schedule 


  • Engineering undergraduate program
  • GPA requirements depend on the program. Work experience can be accounted for in the application process. Contact the program coordinator.



Domestic (citizen/permanent resident): $6789.30

International: $39,500.00 for new students.

Total cost includes the above tuition plus mandatory non-instructional fees (the amount of which can be as much as $2444, but may be less owing to COVID-19-related facility closures).


Applications and Deadlines

Please review the posted application deadlines for each of the Engineering Departments below as application dates vary for each Department and program.

Application is completed through the Department in which you wish to complete your degree:

Chemical and Materials Engineering

Civil, Environmental, Mining, and Petroleum Engineering

Computer and Electrical Engineering, and Engineering Physics

Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Management