Autonomous Systems Initiative

The Autonomous Systems Initiative (ASI) is a forward-thinking, multi-million dollar research program that teams up research and industry experts across Alberta to investigate and develop automated technologies spanning key areas of health, transportation and industry. Understanding and developing these systems will help us to remain economically competitive in a global context, while effectively addressing the challenges of climate change, efficient energy production and use, transportation needs, advanced manufacturing, and medical advancement. This program develops new Information, Communications and Technology (ICT)-enabled Autonomous Systems to support healthy and sustainable communities with a focus on sensing, communication, control, and computation technologies, all linked together by artificial intelligence.

The ASI is led by the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Alberta, and is partnered with institutions across Campus Alberta including University of Calgary, University of Lethbridge, Red Deer College and Southern Alberta Institute of Technology.

This initiative is supported by the Government of Alberta - Jobs, Economy and Innovation (formerly Economic Development, Trade and Tourism) through the Major Innovation Fund (MIF).

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