Clubs, Projects, and Competitions

Engineering is a team sport-and one way of getting the most out of your University of Alberta Engineering education is to get involved with your fellow students. Joining clubs, project teams, and competitions helps you learn to work in groups, develop leadership skills, and allows you to learn from other students.

As an engineering student, you have many opportunities to indulge your passions and discover new areas of interest. Whether you end up in student governance or designing and building as part of one of our student vehicle projects, the time you invest in finding the group that's right for you is well worth it.



Engineering Clubs offer advice, activities, leadership opportunities, and comraderie.

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Practice hands-on design, and gain project management and leadership skills at the same time.

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Represent the Faculty of Engineering at competitions near and far!

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Engineering Students' Society

Want to get involved with student governance and leadership on a large scale? The Engineering Students' Society represents the needs of all students enrolled in the Faculty.

Engineering Discipline Clubs

You also have the opportunity to get involved with student governance and leadership by joining your discipline club.


Competition List

Open Competitions

  • Iginla Design Competition

Engineering Competitions

Chemical Engineering Competitions

Interdisciplinary Competitions