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Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Module

This module is the first in a series of modules that will provide information and guidance on how to better integrate EDI into policies, processes, practices, and interpersonal relations in order to create a more equitable, diverse and inclusive campus for staff, faculty, and students.

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Improving Equity in Academic Recruitment

Questions designed to support reflections on and engagement with material presented in the EDI in Academic Recruitment Video.

Companion Document

EDI in Academic and Senior Leadership Recruitment:

Themes and Directions from the Literature

Offers guidelines and signposts for those undertaking to model leadership in the realm of equity, diversity and inclusion in senior leadership recruitment.

EDI Best Practices in Faculty Recruitment & Hiring

This short resource offers advice and considerations to keep in mind when recruiting and hiring faculty members.


EDI Library Guide

Starting point for exploring equity, diversity and inclusion resources and research.

Days of Significance

Explore these days of significance that raise awareness about creating a more equitable, inclusive, and just community.

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