Moving towards equity, diversity, and inclusivity at the University of Alberta

We Work to Understand and Share

At the University of Alberta, we thoughtfully explore, incorporate, and promote a culture of equity, diversity and inclusion as seen in our research, teaching, and community building efforts.

Faculty Initiatives

Learn about the equity, diversity and inclusion initiatives being carried out by the faculties of the University of Alberta.

Everyone Has a Role to Play

At the University of Alberta, everyone has the ability to champion equity, diversity and inclusion through the work that they do. The effort to bring equity, diversity and inclusion into our everyday lives starts in our day-to-day environments. Explore the initiatives that our faculties are pursuing:

Alberta School of Business

Faculty of Arts

Augustana Campus

Faculty of Education

Faculty of Engineering

Faculty of Extension

Faculty of Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation

Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry

Faculty of Native Studies

School of Public Health

Faculty of Science

Institutional Initiatives

Learn about the equity, diversity and inclusion related initiatives being carried out at the University of Alberta.

A Collective Pursuit

By embracing interdisciplinary academic and administrative initiatives, the University of Alberta is a community that cultivates equity, diversity and inclusion on and beyond our campuses. Institutional initiatives related to equity, diversity and inclusion at the U of A include: