Campus Services

Supporting Our Students

Learn about the services that are meeting the unique needs of our students here at the University of Alberta.

Accessibility Resources (Augustana Campus)

Serves prospective and current students with disabilities affecting mobility, vision, hearing, learning, and physical or mental health.

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First Peoples' House

Provides an environment of empowerment for First Nations, Métis, and Inuit (FNMI) learners to achieve personal and academic growth.

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Indigenous Student Services (Augustana Campus)

Provides a wide range of programs and services that are intended to increase, support, and enhance Indigenous students' university participation, experience, and success.

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International Student Services

Provides international students with the resources to help them adjust to life at the U of A and Canada.

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Office of the Dean of Students

Facilitates a positive relationship between students, faculty, and administration and promotes a respectful campus environment for all.

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Office of the Student Ombuds

A confidential service that strives to ensure that university processes related to students, including academic, discipline, interpersonal, and financial issues related to student programs operate as fairly as possible.

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Peer Support Centre

A Students' Union service offers a free, confidential, and non-judgmental place to talk to someone for support. Their trained volunteers offer peer support, crisis management, information, and resources, as well as a safe and confidential place to talk.

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Residence Services

Connects the U of A's students living on our campuses with a vibrant community that offers specialized programming geared towards their success. Residents can choose from a variety of housing that best suits their lifestyle.

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The Landing

A Students' Union service that offers support for gender and sexual diversity by striving to promote gender equity on a broad scale and advocate for the safety and acceptance of individuals of all genders and sexualities in campus life.

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Wellness Supports

Students who are unsure of the type of support they may need, are concerned about how to access services on campus, or feel like they may need interim support while waiting to access service are encouraged to contact the Wellness Supports Team.

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Serving the Whole Community

See the services that are helping to uplift the whole of our school's community, including, students, faculty, and staff.

Accessibility Resources

Promotes an accessible, inclusive, and universally designed environment.

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Helping Individuals At Risk (HIAR) Program

A resource for members of the campus community to report at risk behaviours or concerns about individuals who are at risk of harm to self or others.

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Interfaith Chaplains' Association

Serves the University of Alberta from the understanding that life, including academic life, is a spiritual journey.

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Office of Safe Disclosure and Human Rights

The Office of Safe Disclosure & Human Rights (OSDHR) is a safe, neutral and confidential space for the University of Alberta community to disclose concerns about how the University of Alberta policies, procedures or ethical standards are being applied.

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Sexual Assault Centre

Provides drop-in crisis intervention support to survivors of sexual violence & their supporters and comprehensive educational workshops.

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The Steadward Centre for Personal & Physical Achievement

Provides services, research, and learning opportunities for the U of A's students, faculty, and staff.

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Wellness Supports

Strengthening individual and community mental health and wellbeing, providing support, connection, education and choice.

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Supporting Our Faculty & Staff

Explore the services that are helping our faculty and staff foster an inclusive, equitable, and diverse environment for the public good.

The Centre for Teaching and Learning

Works with instructors and programs to develop engaging and meaningful learning experiences for students by inspiring, empowering, modeling and connecting excellent teaching.

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