Cagri Ayranci

Associate Dean (Awards & Scholarships)

Dr. Cagri Ayranci (he/him) obtained his undergraduate and Master's degrees from the Mechanical Engineering Department of the University of Ottawa, Canada. He obtained his Ph.D. degree from the Mechanical Engineering Department of the University of Alberta on analytical and experimental investigation of 2-dimensionally braided composite materials. Following his Ph.D. he joined the research group of Dr. Frank Ko at the Materials Engineering Department of the University of British Columbia (UBC) as a Postdoctoral fellow. Dr. Ayranci has joined the Mechanical Engineering Department of the University of Alberta as an Assistant Professor on January 2012 and became an Associate Professor in July 2018. Finally, Dr. Ayranci is promoted to Full Professor position in July 01, 2022 where he continues his research on multifunctional composites and nanocomposites produced using braiding, additive manufacturing and electrospinning techniques. Addition to his teaching and research activities, Dr. Ayranci has served the University of of Alberta community as part of various committees and different positions at the University of Alberta, including his last position where he was the Associate Chair (Research) at the Mechanical Engineering Department. He is currently also an Associate Editor for Journal of Engineered Fibers and Fabrics.

Responsibilities as Associate Dean

  • As the Graduate Scholarship Committee Chair, I am responsible for selecting and/or approving recipients of graduate awards offered by the University of Alberta and administered by GPS. I also oversee the creation of all new graduate awards and scholarships at the University of Alberta.
  • I provide advice, guidance, and support to graduate students, supervisors, and graduate student program administrators
  • I represent GPS on various committees, working groups, search, selection and review committees across campus

My Advice to our Graduate Students

  • Commit to your passion. Do not undertake graduate studies just to obtain a degree.
  • Your contributions are crucial for the advancement of your field of study. Do not take this responsibility lightly. This is the only way we can advance the research.
  • Do not postpone your physical and mental health. Always put time aside for yourself.

Home Department

Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering