Alberta Innovates Graduate Student Scholarship - Data-Enabled Innovation

The Alberta Innovates Graduate Student Scholarships for Data-enabled Innovation program (GSS-DEI) is designed to enable promising students to succeed in the Emerging Technology Area of Data-enabled Innovation in and of itself or which additionally support the innovation priority areas of Environment & Climate, Energy, Food & Agriculture, Fibre/Bioindustrial and Health.

To provide the highly qualified personnel needed to drive Alberta's innovation economy and provide the knowledge-based workforce to power economic growth for the Province of Alberta, Alberta Innovates has created the Graduate Student Scholarships for Data-enabled Innovation. These are scholarships for students who are completing a master's or doctoral program in the following areas: artificial intelligence, machine learning, data analytics, computing, quantum technologies, communication technologies, cloud computing, augmented reality and virtual reality. Please note, this list is not exhaustive.
2020 Alberta Innovates GSS-DEI Program Guidelines and Handbook - For current AI GSS DEI Holders ONLY