Mentoring Graduate Students During a Pandemic

Resources on Remote Supervision

As we contend with the unprecedented challenges of COVID-19, faculty members are asking for creative approaches to mentoring students at a distance. GPS is here to help with a series of videos and textual resources addressing this issue.

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Dr. Brooke Milne, Introduction to the series


We've heard from a number of colleagues who are concerned about the challenges of working with new and continuing students in these unprecedented times. Here Dr. Brooke Milne, Vice-Provost and Dean of GPS, introduces a series of video presentations designed to support this work.

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Dr. Bryan Hogeveen, Key Components of Remote Supervision

Key Components of Remote Supervision

What key strategies will help graduate supervisors to support their students during the COVID-19 pandemic? Join Dr. Bryan Hogeveen, the Vice-Dean of GPS, for an overview of some helpful approaches.

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Dr. Ali Shiri, Onboarding New Graduate Students

Onboarding New Graduate Students

How can graduate supervisors build rapport with students whom they haven't met in person? How can they create a sense of community within a cohort of students who are remotely located? How should they deal with different time zones in onboarding? Join Dr. Ali Shiri, GPS's Associate Dean (Data and Digital Initiatives), for a detailed discussion.

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Suman Varghese, R.Psych, Dealing with Isolation

Dealing with Isolation

How can graduate supervisors help their students navigate the challenges of isolation? It's a difficult prospect at the best of times, and one that's often exacerbated in the context of the COVID pandemic. For a few tips, join Suman Varghese, a Registered Psychologist with Counselling & Clinical Services.

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Where Do We Go From Here? Your Suggestions Are Welcome

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