Job Searching

Searching for an Academic Job

You will find there is no single source to find an academic job posting. Journals and societies often post available positions for specific disciplines. Conferences are an ideal place to find the "word of mouth" offers for postdocs and upcoming positions, usually for the following year. Major universities have a career site. Below are common Canadian web searching sites and you are encouraged to visit these sites frequently.

University Affairs
Academica Careers Academic Careers Online
Canadian Association of University Teachers
Chronicle of Higher Education

Closer to home:
University of Alberta
Postdoc Postings at UAlberta
Athabasca University
MacEwan University
University of Calgary
University of Lethbridge

Beyond the Faculty Position
Finding jobs is difficult when you are not even sure what job titles people have and where you can look. The Government of Canada site has a Career Handbook that allows you to look up different job titles depending on your area of expertise/interest, the Skills and Knowledge section can give you an idea of jobs you may be suited to do, and also links you to current job postings.

With nearly 90% of recruiters using LinkedIn to seek out job candidates, you can open the jobs tab at the top of your home page to search out jobs. Most job search sites allow you to set up search agents to send you postings and this can save you time.

Best job searching sites include