Level 1: Foundations

What you need to know to become a great Teaching Assistant

The Graduate Teaching and Learning Program (GTLP) is designed to support your development as an educator. Level 1: Foundations is a workshop series that establishes foundational knowledge and provides the basis for a deeper dive into scholarly literature on teaching and skill-building in Levels 2 through 4.

This level covers the university policy and professional ethics training you need to know as a teaching assistant (TA) and teaching basics that will help you become a more effective and confident educator.

No prerequisites are required.

Register for Level 1 Workshops in campusBRIDGE

Time Commitment

Level 1 requires about 23-25 hours to complete. You don't have to finish it all at once, but Level 1 must be completed before moving to Level 2. To finish Level 1, you must complete all of the core required workshops and two option workshops, as well as an exit survey and/or critical reflection.

GTLP Level 1 Requirements

Upcoming Sessions 

All scheduled Level 1 workshop sessions have taken place. Check back here often as new session dates are added regularly.

Getting Started: Registration + Enrolment

Level 1 is open to all U of A graduate students and postdoctoral fellows (PDF). Sessions are offered the last two weeks in August and first two weeks in January. Students on a leave of absence do not qualify.

To get started in the program, register for a Level 1 workshop through campusBRIDGE. When you register for a session on campusBRIDGE, you will find information on how to register for the full Level 1 program, which is completed through eClass.

You may also choose to attend Level 1 workshops without enroling in the program. Your attendance for the purposes of the Professional Development Requirement will be recorded in campusBRIDGE.

Learning Objectives

  • Build foundational knowledge of:
    • Teaching scholarship in higher education
    • Ethical practices in teaching and learning and university policy
    • Strategies for classroom communication, management and leadership
    • Strategies for student learning and inclusion
  • Deepen workplace professionalism
  • Build self-confidence and personal effectiveness

Workshop Series Description

You may attend as many sessions as you wish but must complete the core required workshops and a minimum of two option workshops to qualify for level completion. You are free to complete the requirements for Level 1 over several offerings; however, you must complete Level 1 before entering Level 2. For those enrolled in the program, a record of your progress will be kept in eClass.

Level 1 core required workshops focus on three themes:

  1. Pedagogical principles
  2. Classroom communication, management and leadership
  3. Ethical practices and principles in teaching and learning

You can choose from a variety of workshops to enhance your learning experience, focusing on topics that align with your teaching context or personal interests.

Some departments require TAs to complete training in the GTLP. Consult your department for possible requirements.

Core Requirement Workshops

Foundational + Pedagogical Principles

  • Mapping Learning Objectives and Outcomes
  • The Art of Lesson Planning
  • Fundamentals of Evaluation and Assessment
  • Teaching and Learning: Context Matters
  • Supporting an Environment for Student Motivation

Classroom Communication, Management + Leadership

  • Classroom Communication I: The Basics Classroom Communication II: Managing Difficult Situations 
  • Teaching Presentation Skills
  • Identifying, Helping and Referring Students in Distress
  • The Policy and Practices of Classroom Inclusion 

Ethical Practices + Principles in Teaching + Learning

  • Ethical Principles in University Teaching
  • Applying the Student Academic Integrity Policy or Applying the Code of Student Behaviour in the Classroom
  • Copyright in the Classroom

Optional Workshops

You must select two optional workshops for Level 1 completion. There are a variety of sessions to choose from, including (but not limited to):

  • Effective Teaching in the Lab
  • Facilitating Classroom Discussions
  • Mindfulness in the Classroom
  • First Class: Creating a Positive Tone in Campus Classroom OR Your First Class: How to Make it First Class
  • Indigenizing and Decolonizing the Academy
  • Teaching in the Canadian Classroom
  • Supporting Student Writers: Engaging, Accessible, and Sustainable Writing Feedback
  • Preparation, Presence and Reflection: Leading an Effective Class

Transcript Notation

Graduate students who complete Level 1 will receive the following notation on their transcripts: Graduate Teaching and Learning Program: Foundations. All participants will receive Level 1 completion letters for their teaching dossiers.

Professional Development Requirement

All workshops (except the GTLP Information Session), can be used towards the Professional Development (PD) Requirement.

To attend the Faculty of Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies (GPS) workshops, you must register through campusBRIDGE. Your attendance for the purposes of the PD Requirement will be recorded here.

Contact Us

Questions regarding the GTLP can be directed to: gradpd@ualberta.ca