Graduate Teaching and Learning Program

The Graduate Teaching and Learning Program (GTLP) is a multi-tier program designed to assist you in becoming an effective educator by helping you to excel in your role as a teaching assistant and beyond. It takes you on a journey from the foundations of teaching and learning in higher education to engage with the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) research and practices.

The program offers high-quality teaching and learning workshops, courses presented by dedicated, inspiring and award-winning instructors, and opportunities to engage with faculty working on SoTL research projects. The Graduate Teaching and Learning Program is open to all University of Alberta graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. The workshops are free and the courses are free, pass-fail, and not-for-credit.


Click to learn more about the different levels of the Graduate Teaching and Learning Program (GTLP):

Level 1: Foundations
What you need to know to be a great TA

Level 2: Practicum
Become a better teacher

Level 3: Pedagogy and Course Design
Become a principle instructor

Level 4: Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
Engage with teaching research and course development

Getting Started: Workshop Registration and Program Enrolment

The Graduate Teaching and Learning Program (GTLP) is a tiered program. This means if you enrol in the program, you must complete the levels in sequence. To get started in the program, register for a Level 1 workshop (offered in August and January) through campusBridge. Upon attending a Level 1 workshop, you will be invited to enrol in the program by self-registering in eClass. Access to self-registration is only granted after you have attended a Level 1 workshop.

You may also choose to attend Level 1 workshops without enrolling in the program. Your attendance for the purposes of the Professional Development Requirement will be recorded in campusBridge.

Program-At-A-Glance and Upcoming Sessions


Level 1: Foundations - Workshop Series
Dates:  January 6-17, 2022 | August 2022 TBA

Level 2: Practicum - Blended Course
Dates: February 18-February 25, 2022 | May 6-May 13, 2022

Level 3: Pedagogy and Course Design - Course
Dates: January 12-April 13, 2022 | June 2022 TBA

Program Goals

The purpose of the Graduate Teaching and Learning Program (GTLP) is to support graduate students in their development as educators and help advance the broader teaching mission of the University of Alberta. The goals that inform the program and the intended learning outcomes include:

  • Recognize and support graduate students as a primary point of teaching contact for undergraduate students;
  • Transform graduate students in their teaching and learning practice;
  • Inspire and model innovation and evidence-based teaching practices;
  •  Cultivate a culture of exceptional teaching by providing opportunities for persistent, intentional effort focused on self-reflection and personal growth;
  • Provide graduate students with outstanding professional development training in teaching and learning that increases employability in all fields of work;
  • Support teaching excellence on campus by assisting departments in the development of their teaching practices with teaching assistants who are better equipped for their roles in the classroom and laboratory, and faculty members who have a heightened awareness of teaching and learning issues; and
  • Advance the University of Alberta's strategic plan, For the Public Good, to inspire, model, and support excellence in teaching and learning (Objective 14) and to foster a culture of excellence by enriching learning and professional development opportunities for staff, faculty, and postdoctoral fellows (Objective 15) by supporting graduate students to become more effective educators.
Complete and Transcript Notation

Graduate students are not required to complete all four levels of the program; however, levels must be completed in sequence. Successful completion of each level is recorded on graduate student's transcripts and all participants receive level completion letters for their teaching dossiers.

Postdoctoral fellows and graduate students who received equivalent training in teaching can discuss their unique situation about the appropriate level to enter. Such inquiries should be forwarded to: Dr. Deanna Davis at

The Professional Development Requirement and the Academic Integrity and Ethics Training Requirement
Most workshops and courses may be used for the Professional Development (PD) Requirement or Academic Integrity and Ethics Training Requirement. All professional development and ethics activities must be approved by your department.
GTLP Department Coordinators
Department GTLP Coordinator E-mail
Anthropology Marko Zivkovic
Biochemistry John Parrish
Biological Sciences Christianne Nylund
Business (PhD) Trish Reay
Chemical & Materials Engineering Vinay Prasad
Chemistry Glen Loppnow
Civil & Environmental Engineering Selma Guigard
Dentistry Patrick Flood
East Asian Studies Yoshi Ono
Electrical & Computing Engineering Marek Reformat
Elementary Education Anna Kirova
English & Film Studies Christine Wiesenthal
History & Classics Shannon Stunden Bower
Kinesiology, Sport, & Recreation Joanna Auger
Laboratory Medicine & Pathology Kristi Lew
Chris Ward 
Mathematics & Statistical Science Feng Dai
Mechanical Engineering Andrew Martin
Medical Microbiology & Immunology Judy Gnarpe
Modern Languages & Cultural Studies Micah True
Music Howard Bashaw
Nursing Diane Kunyk
Obstetrics & Gynecology TBD TBD
Oncology Mary Hitt
Pediatrics Sujata Persad
Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences Carlos Velazquez Martinez
Physics Kyle Foster
Physiology Saswati Das
Psychology Anthony Singhal
School of Public Health Shona Williams
Sociology Amy Kaler
Surgery Fred Berry
Women & Gender Studies Michelle Meagher
Contact Information

Questions regarding the Graduate Teaching and Learning Program (GTLP), including the recent changes to the program can be directed to: