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Professional Development

Learning doesn’t stop when you leave the classroom. You have the opportunity to develop knowledge, skills and new perspectives in a variety of ways. That’s what professional development (PD) is all about. It’s the chance for you to deepen your knowledge and learn new ways of thinking and doing — so you can thrive in an ever-changing world.

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Falling Walls Lab Edmonton 2024

Apply to pitch your innovative research at the Edmonton Lab this September. The winner will present their pitch at the global Falling Walls final in Berlin.

Application deadline: August 12, 2024

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more Professional Development Opportunities

Discover Career-Building Opportunities

Learn about the Graduate Student Internship Program (GSIP), mentoring opportunities or career advising workshops.

Engage with the Community

Develop a creative approach to delivering research presentations and build your confidence by connecting with an inspiring community.

Develop Your Teaching Skills

Deepen and hone your teaching skills while getting an edge in the academic market and preparing for non-academic leadership roles.

Build an Entrepreneurial Skill Set

Grow your mindset to develop policies, practices, products and processes that can be applied to your entrepreneurial career.

PD Emerging Scholars

Professional Development for Emerging Scholars

Connect with fellow scholars and find other PD opportunities on Facebook.

Seize the opportunity during your graduate program to grow your network, explore opportunities, and build a plan for your future.

Dr. Renee Polziehn, Director of Professional Development

Dr. Renee Polziehn, Director of Professional Development