Professional Development

Professional development is the active acquisition of skills, knowledge, and mindset to realize one's strengths and potential in all environments. It sets up individuals for success in achieving their goals while giving them the ability to meet, exceed and adapt to personal, career and societal responsibilities within the context of a changing world.

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become a more effective and confident educator


Graduate Teaching and Learning Program Level One: Foundations

Dates: January 3 - 12, 2024

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Career Development

Learn about the Graduate Student Internship Program (GSIP), mentoring opportunities, or career advising workshops.

Community Connect Program

Develop a creative approach to your research presentations and build your confidence by connecting to the community to educate and inspire.

Graduate Teaching and Learning Program

Deepen and hone your teaching skills while getting an edge in the academic market and preparing for non-academic leadership roles.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Grow your mindset to develop policies, practices, products, and processes that can be applied to an intra, social, and entrepreneurial career.

PD Emerging Scholars
Seize the opportunity during your graduate program to grow your network, explore opportunities, and build a plan for your future. - Dr.Renee Polziehn, Director of Professional Development, Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research